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Endless Session, Day 329: Healing

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Ammunition of wetties and quads. Photo by Morgan Slif

Ammunition of wetties and quads. Photo by Morgan Slif

by Morgan Sliff

Dr. Ed Scale.  Team chiropractor for USC Athletics, previous team chiropractor for the Los Angeles Raiders, and Director of Sports Medicine for the Women’s Professional Volleyball Association. Accolades that could fill a room.

I call him the voodoo witch doctor.  Last February I went to him with a badly strained left shoulder and no range of motion, and in one session he had me ready for my surf trip to Nicaragua, with my hand raising over my head.  My right shoulder is a bit more complex, but after seeing him the past few weeks and especially after the session today, I feel like healing is finally beginning.

But, the water is still kicking my gimp butt.  I tried again to take on the ocean by myself today, trading my heavy 9’4 log for a lighter old 9’0 quad balanced on my head with my left hand as I crossed the sand.  Laying on the board is tough, and figuring out how to not paddle in circles is even harder.  I thought about Bethany while floating in the ocean, and then thought that my situation nowhere near compares to hers — she’s a hero to many (including me), a super-athlete, and an incredible and inspirational human being.

The ocean seemed to take pity on me, and sent a wave my way that a gorilla in a sinking kayak could have caught with one stroke.  I pushed to my feet and stepped off the short ride, thanking the sea for its merciful gift and made my way up the beach, eager for bed and icepacks.



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