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Endless Session, Day 124: Little waves, volleybuddies, and a pelican hang

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Sunday volleybuddies in between (minimal) surf.

Sunday volleybuddies in between (minimal) surf.

by Morgan Sliff

Another day of flat surf, and another morning filled with sunshine, smiles, and endless belly laughs.

Morgan Sliff, Day 124.

Morgan Sliff, Day 124.

I joined my Sunday volleybuddies just north of the Manhattan Beach pier to play a few games between sessions. We like to call ourselves the “South Bay Ball Chasers Club” because we spend more time running for the ball and giggling in the sand than actually playing. We definitely aren’t the most gifted group of ballers, but we are an eclectic and interesting bunch and we without a doubt have the most fun. Every single day someone ends up getting hit in the face and every single day you’ll witness someone laughing so hard they start crying.  In between Tom kicking sand on everyone and KP showing off her fabulous dance moves, I paddled out for three short sessions and hung out with the Pelicans for a bit, who were looking quite majestic in the small waves.

Someone send some waves my way! I’ll be riding the ripples until then.


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