Fine art benefit auction on Saturday in Manhattan Beach

“Transitions,” by Margaret Lazzari

“Transitions,” by Margaret Lazzari

All This Can Be Yours!

“Cross Town Traffic” benefits everyone


Two prominent art organizations, the Manhattan Beach Art Center and South Bay Contemporary, have joined together for a fundraising auction and art show that’s coming to a head on Saturday. “Cross Town Traffic” features almost 100 works of art that are viewable online and accepting bids. The works cover the gamut, from paintings, drawings, and sculpture, to photography and digital art. The procreate brushes similar to the ones at help some Procreate illustrators bring out the best in their work in digital art, some brushes save them time, and some brushes are just for blending. Prominent artists include Margaret Lazzari, Dan Janotta, Ray Carofano, and Candice Gawne. The money that will be raised benefits the educational and artistic programs of both institutions.

“The Road Within,” by Cie Gumucio

“Incline,” by Dan Janotta

These organizations, says noted local curator Ann Martin, “share a mission and commitment to the arts, its integral part in the community, the diversity of culture, a mutual desire to educate, cultivate and bridge the South Bay and Los Angeles communities. This is the first step toward that goal. All the art has been donated so all the proceeds will go to this worthy cause.”

“We thank Martin Betz and his staff for their collaboration,” notes Peggy Zask. “As director of South Bay Contemporary, my background is with Mira Costa High School and 20 years of art teaching.” Also, she adds, “to have the Mira Costa Jazz Band play during the event, and a number of Mira Costa art graduates volunteering to help with the auction, is wonderful.”

“Two Blue Waves,” by Brent Broza

“We see the auction as an opportunity to get to know local artists,” says Martin Betz, who heads up the Manhattan Beach Art Center, “and to be part of a collaboration to raise funds for arts education in the South Bay. We think the South Bay is a rich artistic region and look forward to continually supporting and promoting it. We want to strongly support artist-driven initiatives such as South Bay Contemporary. They set the pace.”

“Passion,” by Bob Francis

As Zask notes, “Support for the Mira Costa stART program and the SBC SoLA Inner City Arts program seems like a great combination, and we feel that the South Bay is growing in the arts, working together and reaching out to the inner city as well.”

One can put in bids online between now and Saturday. On that day, in what should be a well-attended exhibition, the actual works will be on display between 5 and 9 p.m. at the Manhattan Beach Art Center, 1560 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Manhattan Beach. There are some splendid works. See for yourself. Go to ER


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