How free spins are used to attract players to online casinos

Chances are you’ve somehow have been in contact with an online casino. And even if you’re not registered yourself and have never played for real money, you might have seen the ads or know someone who has played before.

Online casinos are getting increasingly aggressive with their efforts to attract new players and one of the most common tactics is to offer new clients some free spins so they can get to know the games.

But what are the risks of accepting such offers and is it safe to play in online casinos in 2019? We had a look at the strings that are usually attached to free spins and other bonus offers and break down the most common pitfalls for you.

Strings attached – no free spins without deposit

Of course, online casinos want new players to register and play their games. And they want to make attractive offers, so you don’t think twice if you really want to do it. But it should also not be forgotten that online casinos are businesses that don’t have anything to give away even if they try to act as if they do. To get the best offers and cashback you could also go on this site to know more.

As a result, you can only get your hands on some free spins if you make a deposit first. Granted, the free spins will just be added on top of your deposit, so that they are indeed essentially free, but you still have to fork over some of your hard-earned money to benefit from that generosity.

And the deposit that’s required is not the only string attached to free spins in most online casinos!

The devil is in the details – the small print

Having secured some free spins with a deposit, you’d think that you can go ahead and win some money with them, right? Well, you’re not wrong, but you will have to fulfill some conditions before you can withdraw any winnings.

Most online casinos employ wagering requirements which means you’ll have to wager your bonus a couple of times in the casino, before you can request a withdrawal. And those wagering requirements are sadly rather high, most of the time.

There are instances where you’ll have to wager a bonus of €10 a whopping 40 times before you can get your hands on any winnings. Meaning, you’d have to wager €400 before you can even think about withdrawing any money that you got with a bonus.

Fair play should come first

We won’t blame you for thinking that this seems hardly fair. But there are online casinos that offer free spins that either don’t require a deposit or which aren’t subject to wagering requirements.

Keeping an eye out for those offers should be first priority if you’re looking to get a risk-free taste of online casino gaming. And for online casinos themselves this should be the way forward if they want to attract new players using free spins.

Because players become more and more aware of the usual practices that online casinos employ, so the false promises won’t hold up and players will seek out online casinos that really offer a fair welcome.



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