How to Spend a Holiday in Pennsylvania


The lakes in the State Game Lands are breathtaking

More often than ever people are choosing to spend their vacation in their home countries. Perhaps it’s because of the ever-increasing cost of living, the rising cost of flights, or maybe it’s something altogether more hopeful, perhaps people have realized the joy that can be found on their doorsteps. Although California has more than enough for anyone to spend their whole life exploring, sometimes it’s fun to get out of the state, which is why for this ‘holiday at home’ we’re going to Pennsylvania, to spend some time in the wilderness.

An Evening in Allentown

Allentown is the nearest large town to where you’ll be staying in the mountains, so it’s worth checking it out. They’re probably the most famous for having a full-sized replica of the original Liberty Bell. However, we think they deserve to be more famous for their brilliant museum, The America On Wheels Museum. Inside this museum, you’ll be able to see heaps of vintage vehicles. Everything from mopeds to minis, tractors to trikes is available to view for $13 entry. Plus, when you’re finished, you’ll be just around the corner from the Hubcap Cafe, where they serve delicious food, but more importantly, enormous ice creams. Treat yourself to one before heading to your hotel for the evening.

Stay at the Mohegan Sun Pocono

The Mohegan Sun Pocono is a great place to make your base, as not only is it right in the middle of the mountains, it also offers lots of on-site entertainment. The racetrack is a great place to spend the evening, or even a full day if you have the luxury of time. Once you’ve done that you can head to the huge casino where there are all kinds of slots and table games to play. Of course, if you’re too sleepy from the day’s travelling to truly enjoy that final poker game in the casino then there’s no need to worry. The Mohegan Sun are very happy for you to use their complimentary wifi to game online in your room. That way you can head upstairs and play in bed on one of the many poker in PA websites, brush up on your chess skills, or dabble in a little roulette.

Explore the State Game Lands

The Poconos Mountains are where we’ll spend day two of our adventure. Wonderfully rugged terrain and vistas as far as the eye can see, as well as huge areas of State Game Lands. Those who enjoy hunting, fishing or trapping or any other outdoor activities will probably already be familiar with Pennsylvania’s genius initiative to turn areas of land that aren’t suitable for farming into huge wild areas, perfect for these sports. You may bring your hunting rifle, along with a Gun Optics Accessories Selection and a Stainless Steel Muzzle Brake, to start hunting wild animals. Licenses are also super affordable, so you can go along and fish in total seclusion for next to nothing. What’s more, the areas are totally unspoiled and thanks to the huge ranges that they cover, you can experience a truly diverse ecosystem, where everything is perfectly in balance. Take a picnic with you and be sure to explore some of the trails before settling on a place to fish for the afternoon.



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