How to Spend Your Spring Break as a Student in Redondo Beach

If you don’t have plans for the upcoming spring break, it is worth considering Redondo Beach as a great travel destination due to its attractions.  


It can be tough to survive in college, especially when trying to do your best to combine studying with an aside job and personal life. So, it is not surprising young people feel overwhelmed and wait for every break with tremendous anticipation. It is great that spring is already around the corner, and students will finally get their “precious ring” in the form of long-awaited travel. If you have no idea where you want to go because your tight schedule doesn’t leave you room for preparation, it is worth turning to the affordable essay writing service to get freedom, at least for a while. Nonetheless, if you dream of combining an active pastime with staying on the beach, you can consider Redondo Beach a potential gateway. It is a coastal city in the South Bay area of Los Angeles that attracts young people from all over the country with its numerous attractions and great activities. The city is divided into south and north parts, but both can boast of stunning sandy beaches and suitable conditions for surfing and swimming, so you will definitely not get bored there.

  1. Redondo County Beach

It represents a one-and-a-half-mile-long sandy beach along the waterfront that starts at the Redondo Beach Pier and takes it away to the south. The beach draws the attention of people who cannot imagine their lives without outdoor activities. So, if you decide to come there with a company of friends, you will be able to try your hand at surfing, fishing, playing volleyball, and even mountain biking along the special coastal bike trail. Well, of course, you can do all that alone, but it will be more fun to bring your friends with you. Besides, you will get a chance to arrange a picnic there since there are special well-maintained picnic zones with tables, showers, restrooms, etc.

  1. Redondo Beach Pier

Locals call it differently, but any of the nicknames doesn’t change the fact that it is a landmark spot that can provide you with an array of cozy cafes, noisy bars with an ocean view, numerous stores, and just an outstanding atmosphere. So, if you want to pamper yourself with a “piece” of luxury life, it is worth coming here. Besides, there you will get a chance to get hugely entertained with kayaking and pedal boating. And if you prefer a calmer pastime, you can try a harbor cruise. The pier attracts dozens of people, so you will have a chance to make friends with new people.

  1. Torrance State Beach

If you are looking for a more secluded and quieter spot, then you can find your paradise one-and-a-half-miles south of Redondo Beach. There you will be able to surf without crowds, sunbathe with an interesting book, swim or arrange a picnic. If you go by car, you can find a suitable parking lot atop of a cliff and walk down to the beach. This place is great for students who are tired of people and want to enjoy nature and silence.

  1. Seaside Lagoon

It represents a huge saltwater lagoon that becomes a seasonal zone for swimming. Even though it can still be cold to swim there during your spring break since the sun doesn’t heat well, you can come there with friends to spend a relaxed day on the beach, play volleyball, and just breathe the fresh ocean air or arrange a photoshoot for your Instagram.

  1. Hopkins Wilderness Park

This spot appeared about forty years ago as a center for nature study and camping, so it is not surprising they have chosen a place in the heart of the region where you can find a forest, a meadow, and even a pond. If you are fond of hiking and want to make your restless brain relax a bit, it is worth trying some hiking and mountain trails. Of course, there you will find all the possible advantages of civilization as well, so if you are looking for a wonderful place to visit free of charge, you should come here.

  1. Dominguez Park

It is another stunning recreation area that can boast of a big territory (about 24 acres), grassy, and picnic areas. Besides, if you are a dog owner, you can bring your furry friend with you since there is a leash-free zone where you can play without any limitations. The park is open all days of the week, so you can come here whenever you want. Besides, if you are a museum admirer, you can pop in the city’s historical museum located right on the park’s territory.

  1. Whale watching

If you feel exhausted because of the college workload, it is worth asking the essay writing service for help before going on a vacation. Otherwise, you may not have enough energy and desire to get the best out of your spring break. Nonetheless, one of the must-do things in Redondo Beach is to go on a nature cruise and watch whales in the stunning South Bay. Such a trip will take about two hours and provide you with a chance to watch different whale species, sharks, dolphins, etc. It can become a cherry on the pie of your vacation and give you a huge portion of positive vibes that will be enough to get back on track with studying after your spring break will be over.



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