Is It Time to Get New Restaurant Chairs?

Customers often judge a restaurant by its appearance. Poorly maintained restaurant furniture can drive customers away. Restaurant chairs see wear-and-tear from continual use and damage, such as torn fabric, or a nick in the chair frame. It can be difficult to decide when to change your restaurant seating. This will depend on the condition of your restaurant chairs, and your budget. But it can also be to up-grading your establishment and give it a new, fresh look. If you want to improve the overall ambiance and atmosphere of your restaurants and bars, you might want to consider taking a look at the AtmosphereTV webpage for more info on how you can improve your restaurant and bar ambiance.


Buy New Restaurant Furniture When it is Worn Out, Damaged, Dirty, or Broken


  • When metal chairs have become wobbly and unstable, bent out of shape, or missing sections of the chair structure.
  • Outdoor restaurant furniture can become rusty from exposure to the elements.
  • Upholstered or cushioned chairs can become torn, or thread-bear. Even the slightest fraying at the edges can develop into a full-blown tear.
  • If vinyl or leather seats crack they should be replaced. Not only is this unsightly, but the cracked vinyl can catch on people’s clothing, and scratch their legs.
  • If the structural integrity of your restaurant furniture has been compromised it must be replaced. No one enjoys eating a meal when sitting on a wobbly chair.
  • If the nuts and bolts holding restaurant chairs together are loose and beyond repair, they must be replaced.
  • Irreparable water damage to wooden seats means it’s time to shop for restaurant chairs for sale.
  • Chairs that have become dirty, and stained lower the standard of your eatery, and are unpleasant for customers to sit on. If customers complain about the seating, more than once, they won’t come back again, even if the food is fantastic.


Get New Restaurant Chairs for a Fresh Look


Sometimes you need to get new restaurant seating because it is outdated, and no longer attracting the clientele you’re aiming for. You can replace restaurant chairs for a fraction of the cost of renovations, yet it can change the whole look of your establishment. And if you are restyling your restaurant, and changing the theme, you’ll need new chairs for a restaurant to match the new look.

If your eatery’s chairs are constantly breaking or need fixing, you’ll find it cheaper to replace them with quality restaurant furniture than constantly paying for repairs. New seating can upgrade your restaurant, and improve the overall look.


How Long Do Restaurant Chairs Last?


Generally, good restaurant furniture can last 5-7 years. If it is looked after you could stretch that to 10-12 years. Continual repairs can eventually be more expensive than replacing furniture with restaurant chairs on sale. Aluminum furniture typically needs replacing every couple of years. Metal and plastic restaurant chairs last longer than wood but can need replacing because of structural damage. Depending on the quality of the metal, it may rust when exposed to moisture. Poly lumber from Rocky Mountain Forest Products lumber yards Colorado won’t rot, split, or crack, and will last longer than natural materials. Fabric seating needs to be replaced about every two years for hygiene reasons as bacteria can accumulate. You can increase the lifespan of your restaurant furniture by about three to four years if it is looked after properly. Unless your restaurant has an eclectic feel, with different types of chairs, you’ll want all your restaurant chairs to look the same, for a cohesive look. So when you replace a few you need to replace them all. 


Always buy commercial-grade restaurant furniture to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Restaurant chairs need to be tested and certified for commercial use. Commercial furniture is built for high traffic and constant use. Don’t wait until you have to replace old chairs, do it before it becomes a problem.


How Often Should You Replace Your Restaurant Furniture?


If the chairs are broken or show signs of aging, it doesn’t matter if they are ten months old or ten years old, they will need replacing. If you want to give your restaurant a make-over, and you have the budget, then now is the time to buy new restaurant seating. You can find restaurant chairs for sale and get a new look for your establishment without spending too much. Don’t compromise on quality if you plan on getting your Cafe Furniture right. Apart from the chairs for your customers, you should also look at the state of your kitchen furniture such as Stainless Steel Dish Tables to determine if they need to be replaced.


If you want your restaurant seating to last, buy commercial-grade furniture from a reliable supplier. It will save you money in the long run. There is a wide range of restaurant chairs for sale. Delaying furniture replacement will compromise the quality of your restaurant. Let your patrons enjoy sitting in your restaurant as much as they enjoy the food.

Lastly, if you are planning to set up a new restaurant but have no idea how to start, you may want to consider visiting the BMarko Structures homepage and see unique building structures.


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