Letters: Redogdo Beach is ruff, Remembering the 600,000 (May 27, 2021)

Taking the temperature

Dear ER:

So I was down at the lifeguard station on the Hermosa pier. My wife asked me what the water temperature was. When I looked to check it out on the chalkboard I noticed that there was no chalkboard. I talked to the lifeguard, who said it had been damaged. He didn’t know when or if the county planned to replace it. I sure hope they can afford it (probably less than $100.00), before or after they make that multi million payment to the Bruce’s Beach family. Lots of people could benefit from the wave and temperature data.  

Jim Rosenberger 

Hermosa Beach


Council’s Gascon con

Dear ER:

Last week the Manhattan Beach City Council passed a Resolution of No Confidence in the Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascon, a proposal presented by Mayor Suzanne Hadley.  Traditionally our local government has been non-partisan, but this turns our local government, and thus our city, into a platform to shill a right-wing agenda: undermining our free and fair elections. If Mayor Hadley were truly concerned about the actions of elected County officials, then a more appropriate target would be our renegade Sheriff, Alex Villanueva. Over the almost two-and-a-half years Villanueva has been in office, he has shown himself to be a threat to democracy, a menace to public safety and costly to our county coffers. His failure to abide by court orders and the checks and balances of our political system have amply demonstrated that he is unfit for the office he is occupying. This vote of No Confidence is not about safety. And it isn’t about accountability. This is about advancing a specific conservative platform. Gascon was not in office three months before the conservative movement to recall him started. This Resolution, mirroring those put forth by conservatives in other communities, is yet another attempt to overturn our elections, and thus, our democracy. Conservatives aren’t playing games. We witnessed the January 6 deadly insurrection at our Capitol. We see new right-wing laws disenfranchising voters and disempowering their opposition. We watch the crazy election “audit” currently underway in Arizona to promote their Big Lie. We have been warned. 

Alice P. Neuhauser

Manhattan Beach


Political pandering

Dear ER:

At their May 18 meeting, the Manhattan Beach city council voted 4-1 to express “no confidence” in LA County District Attorney George Gascón. I voted for incumbent Jackie Lacey, who had her faults, but to me, represented a more balanced approach to the apparently unattainable but highly desirable goal of equal justice for all. But I reject the action taken by the Manhattan Beach city council, which improperly and incorrectly purports to represent the beliefs of an essentially  all-white wealthy community on these excruciatingly difficult and complex social issues. Bravo to Councilmember Hildy Stern for standing up to her four colleagues, in opposing the “no confidence” vote. The majority council’s action smacks of pandering to a nonexistent Manhattan Beach constituency, primarily for political gain.

Don McPherson

Manhattan Beach


Remember the 600,000

Dear ER:

I’m glad Louie Pastor enjoyed his RV travels (“Docracy,” ER Letters, May 13, 2021). I wonder if the people he met, who pitied his California roots, lived in areas where the pandemic is still surging? Or if they had lost loved ones because they felt a little inconvenienced by mask and separation rules? If our fascist-controlled government had followed scientists and doctors a year ago, we would not have had 600,000 deaths. If our poor inconvenienced population had followed guidelines instead of rushing out to holiday parties and other gatherings unmasked, we could have reduced some of the 600,000 deaths. The doctor guidelines made more sense than the non-scientific proposal to inject disinfectant in our bodies. There is no Constitutional Right to infect, and thereby kill others, because wearing a mask is inconvenient. True Patriots support their fellow countrymen.

Bill Bradley

Manhattan Beach


Redogdo Beach is ruff

Dear ER:

How filthy does the Redondo Beach Esplanade have to become before it gets power washed

again? Cuts in staff to do the job is no excuse. They only do one small area at a time anyway.

The dog feces streaks are many and offensive due to sloppy pick up by owners, and the stench of the dog urine is much worse. It is unhealthy and disgusting. I even think some of the dog owners are disgusted too, as I see quite a few of them with their dogs on the beach most mornings. Which is prohibited. Signs everywhere. It won’t be long before the dogs will take over the beach.

 Christine Norris

 Redondo Beach


Enough tinkering

Dear ER:

More housing? Last I heard, California’s population had decreased for the first time since at least 1900, with a net loss of over 182,000 residents in 2020 (“North Redondo divide opens up over increased density,” ER May 20 2021). As such, I don’t see the need for SB 10. California’s existing inhospitable policies appear to be doing a stellar job of making more housing available.

Stephanie Monash

EasyReaderNews comment


North vs South

Dear ER:

Many of us in North Redondo are extremely upset about the required new housing units being concentrated in Districts 4 and 5  (“North Redondo divide opens up over increased density,” ER May 20 2021). North Redondo residents have sent hundreds of emails to City Council, spoken at Council meetings and submitted public eComments to be read at the meetings. What have we been met with in return? Votes by Councilmembers Nils Nehrenheim, Todd Loewenstein and Zein Obagi, twice, not to read eComments publicly, accusations of being “trolls.” It’s an unwelcoming environment for those of us with legitimate concerns about our neighborhood who just want to be heard. Our elected officials who speak of “One Redondo” and tell us not to further divide the North and the South, are the same officials who are pushing an agenda which will further handcuff the North for years to come. 

Alisa Trapp Beeli

Redondo Beach


The South is winning

Dear ER

There should be balance in the distribution of the new housing zoning in Redondo Beach. Equity will mitigate the impacts to the districts and create housing choice at all levels of the market. Shared responsibility will tamp down the North/South divide that has been created by the Council majority. There is nothing fair about cramming 2,400 housing units in North Redondo and 0 in the South.

Paul Moses

Redondo Beach



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