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Letters to the Editor 12-13-18

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Boulevard battle

Dear ER:

Local Offers

Thank you for leaving Sepulveda Boulevard Sepulveda Boulevard [“Sepulveda Boulevard name change nixed in Manhattan Beach,” ER Dec. 6, 2018]. After all, saying “There’s no life east of Pacific Coast Highway” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “There’s no life east of Sepulveda.”

Octavio Girbau

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Manhattan mainstay

Dear ER:

What a lovely story of how the center came to be, and the integrity of the family to keep the Ely-Smart Center a friendly, warm place for all to enjoy along the Sepulveda corridor and not selling out to a big cold office building [“Ely-Smartt Shops mural celebrates 75 years in Manhattan Beach,” ER Nov. 29, 2018].

I have to admit that I have been to and used every business there, from having my hair cut at Metal & Mane Salon (just a trim lol), sushi at O-Sho (oh so good), El Gringo (I feel like I’m a burrito I eat so much) and of course finishing off with 31 Flavors (double scoop cone of course).

It’s one of those locations in Manhattan Beach you use when giving directions to friends.

Nick Habel

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Mainstay concerns

Dear ER:

I’ve been living in Manhattan Beach since 1977 and for the last 25 years I’ve lived six blocks from the center [“Ely-Smartt Shops mural celebrates 75 years in Manhattan Beach,” ER Nov. 29, 2018]. The center serves as an unofficial town square for the neighborhood.

Hope that things stay as they are. I’m worried about the use of the adjacent lot by the Gelson Market people to use it as parking for their employees. I don’t see how that will benefit the Baskin Robbins center at all. Didn’t really understand the logic of putting a supermarket on the old Mercedes Benz dealership on Sepulveda and Eighth Street.

Octavio Girbau

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Dissing female athletes

Dear ER:

Your “beach sports” article on page 10 of the Dec. 6 issue of [sister publication] Beach Magazine, regarding the 2018 induction of CBVA/HOF players, was disappointing.

Once again, your sports coverage of female athletes leaves a sour resonance.

The corresponding copy with photo #1 lists as “unidentified” Rose Duncan, who was just inducted into the HOF in 2017. Not only that, Rose is a Hermosa Beach native, now residing in Encinitas. She is also a friend of mine.

As we ” Old Skirts” of beach volleyball continue to age, we’d like to be remembered and at least get our names identified when you print the rare photo! Oh yes, not to detract from Steve Obradovich, I doubt he won the 1955 M.B. Open, as he wasn’t born yet! I think it was in the ‘70s.

Sandy Malpee

(1969 HB Open winner)

Manhattan Beach

Train wreck

Dear ER:

Hmm? A Redondo Beach City Council member [Christian Horvath] who has never commuted and has worked with the South Bay Cities Council of Governments for close to four years, and there is a persistent issue with getting what South Bay commuters need and pay for [“South Bay, Gateway oppose Metro plan,” ER Nov. 29, 2018]. Appointed by a former one-term mayor with the task of being Redondo’s conduit to the SBCCOG but primarily focused on the CenterCal mall with all else taking a back seat. No wonder both Green Line Extension issues are such a mess. Time to turn the page on this poser.

Bruce Szeles

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Bad business

Dear ER:

I’m writing to comment on the recent events that took place at the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce.

I’m a long-time resident of Manhattan Beach, former retail business owner and member of the MB Downtown Business Association, former Hermosa Beach Chamber board member and current MB chamber member. I know an advocate for local business when I see one and I see one in Mark Lipps.

In the 18 months since Mark took over helming the MB chamber his efforts have led to a budget surplus, significant membership growth, significant event sponsorship growth, new city events showcasing MB businesses, and renewed respect for, and relationships with, our chamber. Maybe most importantly, Mark has brought to the job an infectious enthusiasm and love for our community and its business owners.

Mark’s departure from the chamber was not a “mutual decision.”

The chamber board bowed to political pressure and tried to silence Mark from speaking to the City Council on behalf of hotels about the 40 percent tax increase (from 10 to 14 percent) they want to impose on hotel visits to our town. When the chamber’s executive board told Mark he could no longer speak to City Council members, he responded, “Maybe I’m not your CEO.” Their reply: We accept your resignation.

When things get heated, we expect our city’s leaders to act with level heads rather than elevating a discussion to the point of no return. We expect them to encourage everyone to step back and cool off.

I understand there are two sides to every story. It’s possible the chamber board, as Mark’s collective boss, didn’t like how he was doing things beyond this one incident. If this was the case, shouldn’t they have given Mark an indication of this in a formal discussion? Isn’t that what we do as managers for valued employees? That never happened. No measured, mature action, just an impulsive reaction to a rhetorical remark an employee made in the heat of a discussion. Who is accountable for this decision? And how is this in the best interest of the businesses in our city?

Mark has received hundreds of well wishes on social media and through personal emails from business owners he helped, people he connected and a community who valued what he did. The sentiments represented here are those of many chamber members, local residents and business owners. Mark will find another way to serve his community. The question is, will our businesses find another Mark who will champion them with so much passion and integrity? Not likely.

Meredith Zellweger

Manhattan Beach

Respect? Seriously?

Dear ER:

A letter writer recently took a cartoonist to task for mistreating President Trump [Letters, ER Dec. 6, 2018] and then wrote in the next sentence: “Whatever happened to respecting the office?” I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. Almost fell out of my chair.

Gary Moore

Redondo Beach

Enough already

Dear ER:

Can we please call a moratorium on letters in this section about Redondo Beach politics?

While I am disappointed with the direction the City seems to be headed and have expressed as much, I am prepared to move on and try to become more involved as a citizen, give feedback and try to be productive. But even more so, I will endeavor to do so with a spirit of détente and the desire for a better Redondo for everybody, not just a small special interest group.

Sadly, there are certain individuals who we see quite frequently on this page who really concern me. They make personal attacks, often times on the same people (some of whom have family issues, medical conditions, and personal situations that these people keep exploiting).

Enough. In the spirit of the holiday season, please, please, can we take a break from the acrimony and try to enjoy the blessings in our lives and help those who do not enjoy the same?

We are all in this together. May God bless us all, Redondo Beach neighbors.

Cee-Cee Murphy

Redondo Beach

Outrage over Outages

Dear ER:

Happy Holidays from Edison. Holiday shoppers and retail businesses along the Sepulveda Corridor (not Pacific Coast Highway Corridor) were left  in the dark without power on Sunday Dec. 9. Customers were leaving and arriving at the parking lots of Manhattan Village Mall, causing a gridlock aided by non-functioning traffic lights.

We are fortunate not to be affected by the wildfires, but expect our utility company to supply electricity without any outages. Is Edison liable for revenue losses during the shutdown of business?

Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi’s Assembly Bill 66 addresses the frequent power outages affecting South Bay communities.

Lawsuits are being filed against Southern California Edison over allegations that its unsafe equipment, aging infrastructure and ineffective vegetation management system caused or contributed to the devastating Thomas Fire (Montecito/Santa Barbara) and Woolsey Fire  (Malibu).

Robert Bush

Manhattan Beach


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