Letters to the Editor 4-20-23

Garden takes a village

Dear ER:

Thank you for featuring the Redondo Beach Community Gardens (“Community Garden at Alta Vista,” ER April 6, 2023). This has been a true community effort, with our visionary founders, the South Bay Parkland Conservancy, City of Redondo Beach, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Health District, Churches, the USC Alumni Club, and many other community volunteers helping all along the way. Great cities have great parklands and community gardens.

Barbara Epstein

Redondo Beach


Attention to a mixed legacy

Dear ER:

Manhattan Beach recently found itself in the national spotlight for the first time since its establishment in 1912. Forty years ago, many people in Los Angeles were unaware of Manhattan Beach’s location and believed it to be near San Diego. The city had never sought fame, and it was unexpected that opportunity pursued by others worldwide would create a mecca that most locals never thought possible. The town has a young history, and lacks the deep traditions found in most parts of the world. However, the open-minded attitude towards all forms of creative expression and a “live and let live” approach has attracted new residents in recent decades, representing nearly a 60 percent turnover. While the city never needed to promote itself, recent revelations of dark secrets forced residents to confront an ugly past. Despite living in a designed ignorance of this history, residents have taken responsibility for addressing past injustices and have chosen to take ownership and appreciate their role in creating a better future. The town understands that placing blame and identifying wrongdoing is not enough for growth as a society. Instead, they are committed to picking up the pieces and making something positive out of them for the future. It may be uncomfortable, but it’s the right thing to do. The heartbeat of American democracy is healthy in Manhattan Beach.

Stewart Fournier

Manhattan Beach


Let’s talk about it

Dear ER:

It is my understanding Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, Chairperson of the Education Committee, decided not to have a hearing on Parental Rights Bill AB 1314. A full discussion of the pros and cons of the many would better serve the citizens of our once Great State. We have families and businesses leaving by the hundreds of thousands. Being governed by “one party” isn’t a formula for success, no matter what party is in charge. Hard fought debates make for better bills and better outcomes. Parents’ first responsibility is to protect their offspring from any harm, physical or emotional. These are unwritten laws of every generation. It would be remiss to write laws denying parents their responsibility, or limiting, in any way, those rights! You didn’t give them, and you certainly can’t take them away. Gender dysphoria is not new and until recently the numbers remained small, less than 2 percent. Still, if it’s your family it’s 100 percent. The repercussions are devastating, and our schools and governments have no business being involved. That’s a debate that should be had.

Gary W. Brown

Hermosa Beach


Big Wireless

Dear ER:

It is with some sadness that I read the ER coverage of the 26th street cell tower, which  missed so much of the target (“Neighbors protest cell towers,” ER April 6, 2020). One issue for many neighbors  was the 18 word notice from the city was inadequate in light of the fact that nearby residents would see a $150,000 to $300,000 decrease in property values, according to several expert sources. A second issue: do we want a large array of antennas that focus the property value and health impacts on a small community of residents, or should we have smaller, more distributed antenna arrays that more equitably distribute these impacts on a larger number of residents? A third issue is did the city follow its own municipal codes in “finding“ that a large array at 26th Street was the least impactful site; especially in light of the fact that the city planning commission and did not even review a list of alternative sites or lower impact sites;  and has provided no evidence that the required “”finding of least significance” was ever made.  And finally, what should be clear to anyone who has read studies that have been done: we really can’t say at all if these 5g towers are safe or not. The required science hasn’t been done.  I don’t know if it’s safe, you don’t know and anyone that says they do is full of it. 

The studies to date have not focused on the non-thermal effects of non-ionizing radiation on cellular metabolism, even though independent peer reviewed scholarly articles point to significant risks of this non ionizing radiation on cellular metabolism. The studies to date mainly focus on thermal (heat related) effects, and have been largely funded by wireless industry advocates. Think big tobacco, big oil and big pharma and now Big Wireless. 

What we do know is that large cell tower arrays like 26th street can have a significant impact on nearby property values and rightfully so. The jury is still out on safety.

And to those that would dismiss 26th resident concerns based simply by denying cell tower safety concerns cart blanc; well they are doing the community a real disservice. 

Anthony Higgins

Hermosa Beach


Best of the Beach correction

The address for the Redondo Beach Handel’s Ice Cream, winner of Easy Reader’s Best of the Beach ice cream category, was incorrect in the April 13 Easy Reader. The correct address is 

1882 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., Redondo Beach.  (424) 247-8861


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