Kevin Cody

Ocean warmer than the sand at Hermosa Beach Polar Bear Swim

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Becky Inskeep makes the leap at the 29th Annual Hermosa Beach New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim. Photos by Kevin Cody

Despite clear blue skies, the ocean was still warmer than the air at the 29th Annual 16th Street Hermosa Beach New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim. The 57 degree water guaranteed an ice cream headache. But the 51 degree air, reinforced by an  icy offshore wind, made the whole body ache. So when organizers Ed and Terry Kushins gave the word, nearly 50 of their neighbors and most loyal friends, ran yelling into the water under the nervous eyes of two Los Angeles County Lifeguards.

The Kushins cajole the swimmers by promising them hot chocolate, mimosas,  muffins, and lox and bagels after the swim. ER



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