Parkland Conservancy feeds Monarchs on Hermosa’s Greenbelt

The Hermosa Beach community garden that partly inspired the Redondo Beach version to come. Photo courtesy of the City of Hermosa Beach

by Garth Meyer

Every winter they fly in from Canada, the Pacific Northwest and Northern California.

This year, migrating Monarch butterflies should find plenty of food along Hermosa’s Greenbelt, grown by members of the South Bay Parkland Conservancy.

Volunteers this summer will plant winter food for the Monarchs; native milkweed, sages and buckwheats along the Greenbelt between Valley Drive and Ardmore Avenue.

“Monarchs were spotted over-wintering there last year,” said Jim Light, president of South Bay Parkland Conservancy (SBPC). 

In a related project, the group also will plant Seacliff Buckwheat for the endangered El Segundo Blue Butterfly, which only lays eggs on that specific plant. Once caterpillars hatch, they only eat Seacliff Buckwheat.

These two projects are expected to begin in late May, with planting to continue through the summer. 

The SBPC is also at work on a Community Garden at Alta Vista Park in Redondo Beach, recently approved by the city council. A Scout troop is on deck to build planter boxes while a wood and metal fence awaits needed money.

“Funds-dependent. The fence has to be first,” said Light. 

In Wilderness Park, the SBPC is in summer maintenance mode; weeding and watering what was planted earlier in the year.

“Well over 300 plants this spring,” Light said. 

The park has three overnight camping sites, each with a restroom.

“If you schedule it directly you can use the propane grills,” said Light.

SBPC will have a booth at the Riviera Village Summer Festival June 24-26, from which it will lead blue butterfly walks on the Esplanade. 

And this coming weekend at the Beachlife Festival, the SBPC has a display of blue butterfly wings mural to pose with for angel-like pictures. ER


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