Recent Casino Innovations

The face of modern industry is unrecognisable compared to what it was just a couple of decades ago. From hailing a cab to ordering food to house building, there is not a single sector that has not been disrupted by innovation and change in recent years. The automotive industry is now fully automated, with barely a human hand involved in the whole process of building a car from start to finish. Mobile phones have caused a revolution and also been revolutionised themselves, barely resembling the cumbersome machines that were cutting edge innovation at the turn of the century. 

There is no industry safe from the constantly incoming tide of technological progress and the gambling industry is no exception. While many forms of electronic gambling have been available for some time, the casino houses themselves are next in line to embrace this new wave of change.


Mobile gaming


Before the explosion of mobile gaming, the choice for players was to either visit a casino or gamble at home on their PCs. While these choices still left players with many options, they still came with their own limitations. Not everyone owned a personal computer, and for many, casinos were either too far or players didn’t have the time to make the journey there and back for a quick flutter.

With a mobile device in virtually every pocket, these limitations have been blown away. Online casinos and betting apps are available to an audience unimaginable before, such as those residing in Japan. Without these mobile gaming options it would be a lot harder for players in Japan due to the legality of gambling. Now there are a wide range of options for Japanese players available to play on their mobile phones such as the ones reviewed here by 6takarakuji. Players can access games on the go, instantly, and at any time, meaning the possibilities to play have grown exponentially. 


Live online casino games


Opening up the arena of gambling to PC and mobile users was revolutionary. Players were able to gamble from their own homes, on the bus, and pick up and play at any time of the day. But it was still missing something. The feeling of being in the casino, interacting with other players and dealers was a big part of the buzz when it came gambling. 


With the advent of live games, casinos were able to bridge some of that gap and provide gamers with a more immersive experience without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. In games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette, players are able to play against real competitors in real times and even in some cases live dealers. Interacting, chatting, and seeing real faces brings a whole new element to online casino gaming. 

VR and eSports


Virtual reality is the next logical step when it comes to immersing players within a real casino feel. Making the jump from seeing a single card table on a screen, to being able to walk around a VR casino, seeing the bright lights and hearing the music is the current new trend in online gambling. Casino Billions was the first platform to make this move and it seems that it’s more than a passing fad – countless other brands are developing fully immersive virtual reality platforms.


Betting on eSports is another big new trend in the world of online gambling. Competitive, regulated, video gaming, played by professional gamers is way past its infancy by now. The continued improvements in visuals and ultra-realistic game physics mean the gap between digital sports and real sports is constantly narrowing. This has opened up a huge window for those who want to put stakes on sporting outcomes – eSports matches are taking place with a much higher regularity that traditional sporting fixtures. 


More payment methods


Cryptocurrencies are another innovation that can barely be called new. Digital encrypted money is also making inroads into the gambling industry and opening up new opportunities along the way. Regulation is yet to catch up – meaning casinos that only trade in cryptos do not need licences, spawning a whole new wave of online platforms. They also increase the scope for gamers, providing complete anonymity and extra security for deposits, which allows users in countries with strict gambling laws an opportunity to play  The nature of the currencies also allows instant cashing in and out, without having to wait for the time it would take to process and wire traditional funds to and from banks.


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