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Redondo Beach bike plan moves forward

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The current Redondo Beach bike system and the proposed routes. The City Council voted unanimously to receive and file the Aviation Boulevard Bicycle Lane Preliminary Engineering Study final report and move forward with the South Bay Master Plan. Aviation Boulevard has been the subject of extensive studies because of the road’s automobile traffic density and its bicycle commuting possibilities.

“It’s not just about bike lanes,” said Blue Zones Community Programs Manager Katie McClure. “It’s about making the healthy choice the easy choice.”

The city council vowed earlier to implement the proposed bike lanes in a phased approach by 2020. The anticipated plan will expand Redondo Beach’s current bicycle system of 14.1 miles to 38.1 miles and could cost an estimated $1,895,000 for the expanded bicycle network. It would include bicycle paths, lanes, routes with sharrows and the encouragement of bicycle-friendly streets and facilities.

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“Whatever you do will make the roads safer for bicyclists,” Councilmember Matt Kilroy said.

The Manhattan Beach City Council approved bike lanes along the portion of Aviation under its purview last month. Hermosa Beach rejected the proposal last week. ER


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