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Sandwich shop: Big Mike’s

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Big Mike

Big Mike’s sandwiches have become as much of a local staple as pizza and tacos. Big Mike Neimark with his crew, Moraccio, Victor, and Renee. Photo by Jim Cody

If Big Mike’s ever wants to come up with a fancy name for what they do, they could promote themselves as a purveyor of American regional cuisine. It’s not a cuisine most people recognize, but many of the sandwiches here have distinctive style. Jersey-style hot dogs are steamed and then fried, then put in a bun lined with French fries. The Pittsburgh-style sandwiches include coleslaw and fries. Just ask one of the people here about the finer points of Philly cheesesteaks. You’ll get an earful about why most places make them wrong. The people at Big Mike’s make their sandwiches with passion and it makes a difference. — RF

(1314 Hermosa Ave., HB (310) 798-1499,

507 Main, ES, (310) 726-9638

2431 W. 190th RB, (310) 376-7772

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