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Secret Goldfish: Footage of local up-and-coming surfer Wil Reid

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From Robots in Space:

This short surfing film is called “Secret Goldfish.” The title was taken from a story the main character’s brother in “Catcher In The Rye” wrote. As we flew into Miami to catch our connecting flight to Nicaragua, I was reading the book. Flying into Florida airspace, we hit turbulence. Not just normal two bump turbulence, but more like clench your butt cheeks turbulence. I like to think I’ve made my peace with the world. The idea of my plane dropping out of the sky doesn’t bother me too much, but crashing into a Florida swamp seems too cliche at this point and I had to stay alive to tell whoever asked me to read “Catcher In The Rye” that I thought it was garbage. All I got out of it was a name for a short surf film. I don’t think Wil was awake for the turbulence. Being 17 is tiresome.

Surfing by Wil Reid (@wilreid)

Directed, Edited, Cinematography by Kevin Jansen (@robotsfrom)

Additional Cinematography by Hunter Martinez, Greg Browning, Blaine Seque

Earl Sweatshirt- 523
White Fence- Baxter Corner


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