Spotlight on Art Palos Verdes Art Center Lectures 

In-person education and reuniting

The Palos Verdes Art Center hosted a lecture titled “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking” featuring Bernard Fallon as emcee on Nov. 6. Artist Marie Colmey, spun a roulette wheel to pick a topic for a future art piece to be added to the collection. The concept started with the idea of fortune cookies, all containing different titles of prospective works of art, and artists coming up with their own interpretations of these titles. Peninsula magazine arts editor Bondo Wyszpolski came up with lyrics for each of the 34 artists’ art pieces. Brad Webster composed music to create a full sensory experience for art loving attendees. The exhibit resumes at the Malaga Cove Library Art Gallery beginning January 29.

Photos by Tony LaBruno