Easy Reader Staff

Best Fresh Seafood: Fishbar

Our readers swooned over Fishbar this year, and it’s easy to see why – they offer a changing menu of fresh seafood at very modest prices. There are places that are somewhat more expensive that offer cooking as good, and somewhat good that are cheaper, but Fishbar hits the balance perfectly. Chef Jessica Jordan and […]

 Easy Reader Staff

Best Dessert: Cheesecake Factory

If you want to know just how popular the Cheesecake Factory is, consider that in the forty years they’ve been in business they’ve gone from one small store to over 170 large restaurants. It’s a tribute to the American sweet tooth and our love of variety – there are over twenty different kinds of cheesecake […]

 Easy Reader Staff

Best Food Truck: Ragin’ Cajun

Stephen Domingue has been rolling around Southern California for about two years now, but has two decades of experience in feeding the South Bay. He owned the Ragin’ Cajun Café in downtown Hermosa Beach for 18 years. The Louisiana native wheels to South Bay locations – high schools, festivals and football games at the Coliseum […]

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