Kevin Cody

Varon’s sudden death shatters family and friends

The surf was pumping in front of the Torrance Beach parking lot at sunset last Friday. Guitarists Jordan Munde and Jeff Nelson were playing the Rolling Stone’s “Wild Horses.” Over 200 of Matt Varon’s friends, as well as his parents Russell and Debbie, his sister Morgan and uncle Marshall were gathered on the beach for […]

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About Town

Police promotions, Costa-Council project, and “One Step Beyond” Art exhibit opening…

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Battle of Sand Dune Park goes to council

A joint Parks and Recreation Commission meeting last Thursday gave residents one last opportunity to voice concerns before commissioners hand over recommendations for the future of Sand Dune Park at the upcoming City Council meeting…

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Dispensary delivers pot to patients

The lines shaping medical marijuana laws are getting hazier.

The state says it’s legal. The feds say they’ll ease up on medical marijuana retail establishments. Manhattan Beach, along with its beach city neighbors, still says no marijuana dispensaries allowed.

Door-to-door medical marijuana delivery services are popping up, providing patients with their prescriptions in an effort to skirt the conflicting laws.

 Mark McDermott

Dolan to receive $195,000 in severance

Dolan to receive $195,000 in severance

Details of former City Manger Geoff Dolan’s severance package released last week indicate that his Dec. 13 parting may have been less than voluntary. Stipulations of his contract entitled Dolan to severance pay only in the event of his “involuntary separation” or the city’s failure to automatically renew his contract, which was up Jan.1. It […]

 Mark McDermott

Sting fails to nail fraud suspect

A man arrested in a Manhattan Beach police elder fraud sting was released last Monday after charges were dropped by the L.A. County District Attorney.Police arrested Robert Nagao, a transient, on Dec. 21 after he wrote bad checks as part of an alleged scam involving Robert Good, a 67-year-old musician from Inglewood. Good told police […]

 Randy Angel

Zukerman wins 4th straight Manhattan Beach 5K

Coach pleased with distance runner’s feat

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Manhattan Beach stays green, schools excel, a leader leaves, a giant falls, and a young star fades

THE YEAR IN MANHATTAN BEACH In 2009, a city manager left after 15 years, a police detective saved two women from drowning, and a controversial sand dune may have met its fate. The city and community rallied to keep a school district afloat through continual gouges in its budget and schools ranked fifth in the […]

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