Bondo Wyszpolski

Theater review: “Bark! The Musical!”

If you gathered up all of the musicals that the Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities has produced during its almost 20 years, and you put them into one great big pile, “Bark! The Musical!” would be the runt of the litter. All bark; no bite. There isn’t a story or plot, but rather […]

 Kevin Cody

CLOSBC’s new production: a tail-wagging experience

The Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities (CLOSBC) is offering a tribute to the furry beasts, tonight through Feb. 28. “Bark! The Musical” is Executive Producer James Blackman’s unspoken revenge on an Andrew Lloyd Webber show that portrayed a different breed of four-legged foot warmers.

 Mark McDermott

“Politically Incorrect” in Hermosa

Comedian Bill Maher appears at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach this week.

 Kevin Cody

“No Sex Please, We’re British”

by Ally Van Deuren What makes British farce so humorous? Is it the slamming doors, the screwball circumstances and chaos, the saucy subject matter, or just the actors themselves? You’ll find the answer in the Norris Theatre’s production of “No Sex Please, We’re British,” which combines all these elements and more, to deliver the quintessential […]

 Bondo Wyszpolski

Curtain calls: Pacific Stages Premier

“I had a lot of the same preconceived notions about Los Angeles that a lot of New Yorkers have,” says Jeryll Adler, “which is that it is a vast intellectual wasteland. But as a friend of mine said, ‘That’s what they say to keep people from coming here.’ Once you get here, you discover it’s […]

 Kevin Cody

“The Good Soldier Schweik”

When brilliant composers die young, whether it’s Bizet or Gershwin and especially Mozart, people wonder what they might have accomplished had they lived longer. Robert Kurka died in 1957, at age 35, before the premiere of his sole opera, “The Good Soldier Schweik.”

 Easy Reader Staff

Fritz Coleman “On the Fritz” in Hermosa

Stand-up comedian-turned-weatherman Fritz Coleman blows into Hermosa Beach for a two-week run at the Community Theater. For ticket information about “On the Fritz” call 310-372-4477 or visit

 Easy Reader Staff

“Seussical” by the Civic Light Opera South Bay

by Stacey Morse “Seussical the Musical” has jumped to the Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities. And I will have green eggs, Sam-I-Am! I think I like them (but hold the ham). Director Stephanie Coltrin has gathered a wonderfully diverse ensemble, which keeps individual characters alive while blending where needed, key for a show […]

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