Taking Your Pet to the Beach: Important Things Not to Forget

When the summer is in full swing, the overwhelming majority of dog-owners are excited to bring their pets to the beach. Plan your day and enjoy a fantastic experience.


During long summer days, there is nothing more interesting and exciting than bringing your dog or cat to the beach. However, if you strive to enjoy the experience, you need to plan it beforehand. Pay attention to important details and search the web for recommendations of experienced pet owners. Remember that basic items will help you stay safe and comfortable at the beach, while extras will give an excellent opportunity to entertain your pet and make it happy.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the unforgettable adventures with your furry pal? Check out important tips and guidelines that will contribute to your memorable day off.

  • Look for a dog-friendly beach. If you plan a fantastic day at the beach with your furry friend, you need to check the local rules and make sure you are welcomed there. Fortunately, the number of animal-friendly beaches is constantly growing, which means you have got unlimited opportunities. Discover a new destination and get yourself a chance to enjoy a fabulous time, swimming, and sunbathing.
  • Remember that not all pets are passionate about water. “Tastes differ” is a well-known saying that is usually applied to people. However, only pet owners know that this principle is universal. According to Hill’s Science diet cat food reviews, pets have different tastes. Consequently, famous manufacturers of dog food provide the customers with a wide assortment so that every owner can please the little friend. When it comes to water, it works the same way. Some pets love spending time at the beach, while others just show obedience to the owner. Therefore, do not make your dog interact with water, but rather give it some time to choose.
  • Teach your dog to swim. Some animals are perfect swimmers from birth. However, not all of them are the same. Thus, there is no need to assume that your dog or cat is an excellent swimmer from the very first day. Be patient and make an effort to teach your dog to swim.
  • Care for water and shade. Hydration is crucial anywhere, especially at the beach. Take enough water so that your dog or cat stays hydrated for the whole day. Although the water is important, it should be fresh and clean. Do not let your pet drink salty water that can cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. It will be nice to take some water bottles and a favorite drinking bowl for the maximum comfort of your dog. Additionally, remember that your pet needs some quality rest during the active day at the beach. Take an umbrella or a tent, which will create the shade necessary for a perfect nap.
  • Keep an eye on your pet. Responsible and careful pet owners should remember that the beach is not the best place for the safety of the dog or cat. Be aware of small items that can be hidden in the sand. Rocks, broken glass, coral, and garbage can be dangerous for young dogs that are interested in every single item they find. Besides, do not forget that hot sand may cause burns on little paws. Dog boots may be the only way out of the situation.
  • Provide sun protection. Just like humans, dogs can burn. If your pet has light skin and short fur, it is exceptionally susceptible to the dangerous impact of the sun. Purchase special dog clothes that may guarantee 100% protection from devastating sun rays. Additionally, it is inevitable to pay due attention to the nose and ears of your pet, as they are the most sensitive parts. Limit sun exposure, choosing early morning or evening for rest at the beach with a pet.
  • Take treats. Safety is ultimately important at the beach, park, or any other open location. Make sure your dog has your phone number on its tag, just in case it gets lost. However, striving to prevent unpleasant situations, you should get delicious treats that will help your dog behave. Search for the best cheap puppy food and keep your dog under control.
  • Bring favorite toys. What is the best place to play fetch with your dog? It is definitely the beach. No matter if your dog is fond of the sea, or the sand, you need to take toys that can be used anywhere. Tennis balls, frisbees, and stuffed toys may become the best choice.
  • Pick up the poop. Spending time at a pet-friendly beach does not mean you can do whatever you want there. It is indispensable to stay responsible and clean up after your dog.
  • Rinse the fur. When you are finally home after an exciting day at the beach, you need to rinse off all the dirt from your dog’s coat. Even if it didn’t interact with water, you need to remember that a beach is a public place filled with germs. Thus, a warm bath is the best way to keep your pet safe and prevent any types of skin disorders caused by salt or sand.



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