The Best Places to Eat in California

California is well-known for its glorious weather and magnificent sights. We recommend staying at Laguna Beach hotels when traveling to California. However, this part of the world is also known for having some incredible places to eat. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to eat in California so you know where to enjoy a sumptuous meal.

Mission BBQ 

Located at MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland, California, Mission BBQ is one of the best places to dine. It is not one of the fanciest eateries you will come across, however, the food here is divine. Serving barbecue-style meals, meat eaters will no doubt love spending time here. 


This is an establishment that is very patriotic and seems to love all things American. It is a friendly and relaxed place to be and is ideal if you want something tasty to it. Enjoy a good meal before heading to one of the local casinos, or playing online, such as at Grand Rush or a local shopping mall. In other words, you can dine here and know that you’ll leave feeling full for many hours. 

Thai Inter 


If you love Thai food, you will love Thai Inter. Located in Oakland, this is a restaurant that seems intent on offering you the very best. This is a relaxed place to eat and while the menu is not the least expensive, the food here is excellent. You are almost guaranteed to enjoy whatever you choose to chow down on. 


The portions here are very big, so you should arrive hungry. Expect to hear some live music when you dine and enjoy spending time somewhere special. Located next to a shopping mall, the restaurant does not look amazing from the outside. However, the food will never let you down. The interior’s decor is better than the exteriors and is a nice surprise. 


The Beanery Cafe and Bakery


The Beanery Cafe and Bakery is the ideal place to eat if you are looking to enjoy cafe-style food. This eatery is found on Three Notch Road and has a great atmosphere. While this eatery does serve some tasty cafe-style food, it’s all very good quality. You won’t be dining on food that you can find in many chains around the country. You’ll be getting freshly cooked meals that look and taste so good you’ll want to go back for more. 


The atmosphere here is quite relaxed, but it has a posh cafe quality to it. As soon as your meal is in front of you, you’ll understand why. It appears that the chef only wants guests to enjoy some very fine meals. If you want to enjoy something special in a family-style cafe, The Beanery Cafe and Bakery is the place to be. It’s very unlikely that you will be disappointed. 

California is home to some incredible eateries, however, the above three are thought to be some of the best. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a high quality meal. Sometimes, some of the cheaper places meet or beat those fine-dining restaurants. If you’re still looking for a place to stay in California, check out the hotels in Laguna Beach.


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