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The Bull Pen: Best of Beach 2018 Steak under $30

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The only thing better than a Bullpen burger is a Bullpen steak. Photo by Tom Sanders

For decades, The Bull Pen has been as renowned for its steaks, in a variety of cuts, as it is for its “world-famous” burgers. “The quality of the meat is what he prided himself in,” said Josh Miner of his grandfather Cliff, the Bull Pen’s original owner. “It’s why we don’t do too much, as far as seasoning… we want the steak to stand out by itself.”

In 2018, the Bull Pen will celebrate its 70th year. “We’re just an old-school steakhouse, with three generations of clientele,” Miner said.


Bull Pen

314 Ave., I, Redondo Beach

(310) 375-7797



Runner-up: Shellback Tavern

126 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Manhattan Beach

(310) 376-7857



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