The evolution of gambling in Canada

If there is one thing that has grown worldwide, it has to be the gambling market. The Canadian market was not left behind in all of this. There have been so many changes that have happened in the market that have had both a good and negative impact on the gambling market in Canada. Understanding it will go a long way in helping you appreciate all the changes that have been made in the industry.


History of online casinos

Even though many people do not know this, casinos have been in Canada since the 1990s. The first online casinos were established in 1994. Back then, there was nothing much to write home about these casinos. The graphics were not so good, and poor internet speeds meant that one had to be very patient to actually access the casino. Many of the players who went there did not get the whole point of these casinos. As time went by, however, the graphics changed, and the stakes were raised. More people started being attracted to online casinos, and things have been looking up since then. Here are some of the changes that have happened when it comes to gambling in Canada and the online casino.


There are more physical casinos in Canada

Many Canadians can gamble due to the increase in the number of casinos in the country. The government has legalized all casinos, with the exception of online casinos in the country. Despite this regulation, many Canadians still gamble online. The government does prohibit Canadian casinos from opening up online gambling sites, but it does not prohibit Canadians from joining offshore gambling sites. With so many areas being closed down, physical casinos have suffered a great deal that does not prevent Canadians from still gambling in the comfort of their homes.


There have been conversations around legalizing online casinos in Canada. The reason for this is, many more gamblers prefer online sites, and it has meant that physical casinos are noticing a decline in their revenue. Should the bill pass for online casinos to be opened in Canada, the physical ones will also notice an increase in their revenues.


Canadians still get a variety

Since Canadians can gamble on offshore sites, they are treated to a wide variety of online casinos. There are so many casinos available that they are competing for the gambling population. Here are some of the ways these sites work to being the top.

  • Better betting rates: one of the easy to attar more clients is to have better betting rates. Most of the casinos have welcome back bonuses for returning clients and lower betting rates for the other clients. These features might seem small, but they go a long way to ensure that a client is able to come back and spend more money on the site. Sites like have a list of casinos that have amazing bonuses. Knowing about them would go a long way to help any new gambler.
  • Reduced withdrawal time: while in the past, it would have taken a fortnight to access, but that takes less than a week currently. The faster the withdrawal rate, the more clients want to join such a site. Most gamblers prefer a site that will give them their winnings as soon as they play, and if that is not possible, then they would prefer a site that is almost as fast enough.
  • More games: gone are the days when the only game you could play on an online casino was blackjack. These casinos have introduced games that everyone can play. There are several card games as well as slot games to ensure that the layers stay engaged all through. To add to their appeal. There are some sites that even let you play live casinos with their layers which goes a long way to add to the appeal of the game.
  • Fewer restrictions: the initial gambling sites would only work if you are from their country of origin, but that is not the case. For instance, Canadians can now play on casinos from the UK or the USA. The rule is one of the reasons why Canada has so many online gamblers.


What is the future of online gambling in Canada?

Although there are rules on online casinos in Canada, there hope that these rules will be removed or relaxed. The reason for this being, the physical casinos used to bring in a lot of money, but that is not the case anymore. More people are spending time online and thus using all their money there. In legalizing online gambling in the country, the government can be able to monitor it. They can collect any revenue that comes from it and use it in water they deem fit. 

Legalizing online casinos will mean the government can monitor their use.


As more gamblers join the online space in Canada, there is the risk of physical casinos being done away within their entirety. While this might not be a one-day thing, it is definitely something that is inevitable. Most of the physical casinos have reported such a huge drop in the number of people visiting them, and this will still go on. The founders of such casinos will have to look for alternative ways of making money, and online is the way to go.


Gambling in Canada has gone through so many phases, just like the rest of the world. As time goes by, these changes influence the way gamblers act. There have been trends in the industry that only lasted a while, and there are trends that will be here for ages to come. One of the trends that will not go away anytime soon is the shift to online gambling. As the world goes through a technological shift, it is no surprise that the gambling industry will be affected. The rules on the legalization of online gambling are still being discussed, but the future is hopeful for the introduction of legal online casinos in Canada.


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