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The Rising Trend Of Online Casinos In The UK

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The British are passionate about online gambling and betting. For centuries, they have gambled on everything, from dogs and horses to football teams. 

Before online casinos existed, people placed bets in some casinos or high street betting shops. However, times have changed. Today, you can play casino games here, online, and win real money. 

Choose A Favourite Casino

Today, the world of casino is worth more than £14 billion. 37% of this comes directly from online casinos, bingo sites, and betting websites. 

There are over hundreds of online casinos. Players are free to take their pick. Each of these brands has its branding, which makes it different from others. Most of these brands are offshoots of some of the high street betting brands. Hence, they are easy to recognize. 

Opening an account is easy. All thanks to the sign-up deals. You may even bet free. 

Wide Choice Of Online Games

In a brick-and-mortar casino, your options are limited to classic games such as roulette, poker, and baccarat. However, when you play online, you would have plenty of options. The most popular games are video slots. Some examples are Starburst and Aztec Gold offering handsome payouts against nominal bets. These games are graphically brilliant. Players can even bank large jackpots. It is a matter of strategy and luck. 


Bingo is the most popular online casino game. The game offers a live hall experience on the virtual screen. You need not be a dabber. You can still scream “full house” to get the real feel of the game.  

While the choice of online games is huge, the primary reason for the growing popularity of online casinos is the ease of access. 

Progressive Jackpots

While the vast choice of online games attracts players, progressive jackpots ensure they keep returning time and again. These are highly rewarding games that can reach a few million. One UK player won more than £13 million on a popular progressive jackpot slot game. 

However, these types of wins do not happen regularly. 

Ease Of Access

Although people love visiting real casinos, times are different now. Online casinos are popular for decades. But, right now, during this pandemic, online casinos are more popular. 

Of course, there are not too many physical casinos. The ones that exist are only in larger cities like Manchester, London, and Leeds. As a result, these are inaccessible to common people, particularly those who live in rural areas. 

While physical casinos are glamorous and fun, but an average person cannot make it a habit to go there regularly. On the other hand, online casinos allow instant access to anyone over 18 years of age. An average adult can open an online casino account and play. 

Players can log in using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, with a strong internet connection. Sitting at home, players can easily enjoy a quick game of slots and make money. It’s real money. 

Today, online casinos are the fastest growing entertainment areas in the UK. You need not dress up or prepare anything. Instead, you can just pounce on your sofa and enjoy a quick game. 


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