Top 5 Crime Series to Watch on Streaming Sites

The concept of crime in fiction and the movie scene has a very blurry history. Since the beginning of blockbusters and crime-related stories, this genre has become one of the most thrilling and sought-after renditions of the modern age. The idea of falling in love with that night in shining armor-in this case a heroic detective-dates back to the early 20th century. 


On-screen representations of the romance of crime have evolved substantially since then, with gangster films and other retro concepts flooding the modern market. Crime series today are a must-watch if you are a movie buff. The reason crime stories make it to this list is the sophistication of the plot. 


If you want a list of crime series that will keep you at the edge of your seat-here it is. 

Top 5 Crime Series to Watch on Streaming Sites

Note that this is not a conclusive list. Crime series are in the hundreds, and it is difficult to pinpoint which ones are the most sought after. This list outlines 5 of the series that you can stream from Smart TV with a VPN and are available on most online streaming sites. Using VPN is a safe and reliable way to watch all your movies online. If you constantly stream movies, a VPN will hide your online activity from your ISP with little fuss. 


So, let us get to the list, shall we? 

Criminal Minds

This American police drama focuses on the motivation behind criminal behavior. Using a branch of the FBI referred to as the Behavioral analysis unit (BAU), this crime series takes an in-depth look at the criminal mind and the story behind every action. A team of intelligent agents set out on a mission to catch craft criminals by analyzing their psychology and why they do what they do. 


It’s a thrilling series that takes you through 15 seasons of breathtaking police work. This series focuses its efforts on tracking serial killers across the U.S. It features stand-out performances from cast members and is a treat for audiences who like detective work. 


American Crime Story

Another crime series based on the events of the Clinton-Lewinsky saga is the American crime story. While it does fictionalize a lot of its content, most of the analogy bases on actual events. It is a great crime series with plenty of twists and turns, highlighting the impeachment of an American president and the processes that led up to it. 


Of the crime series on this list, the American crime story is a true story. It will keep you at the edge of your seat, guaranteed. 

Crime Scene Investigators (CSI)

CSI has several installments across different states, showing police procedural systems that intricately evaluate crime scenes to track and capture dangerous criminals. There are several franchises in this crime series including Crime Scene Investigators Miami, New York, and Las Vegas. 


If you are looking for a police drama series that focuses on forensics-you’re in the right place. The primary objective is to show how detectives use physical evidence to evaluate crime scenes and locate criminals. It takes you through a thrilling series of cutting-edge police work, and with 15 different series, it is definitely worth watching. 

Breaking Bad

With five seasons to look forward to, Breaking Bad is one of the most highly acclaimed crime drama series on this list. The story takes you through the dull and broke life of a chemistry teacher who becomes a drug kingpin selling methamphetamine. 


Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) uses his Chemistry expertise to create a brand of crystal meth that puts him on the map. While it starts as a quest to provide for his wife and two kids, the meth-dealing takes them through the drug underworld. 


Breaking Bad is an example of creative writing and a storyline that is unique and catchy. With Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) at his side, Walt becomes one of the most feared drug lords. It is a winding tale of luck and fate as the two novice drug dealers go through the motions evading capture and making more money than they ever thought possible. 


Ozark is a crime thriller that follows a financial advisor, Marty, who escapes death by the skin of his teeth. This timid financial genius gets wrapped up in a money-laundering web. His family life turns upside down after getting into bed with a dangerous Mexican cartel. 


It is a hair-raising crime series with plenty of suspense and a thrilling network of betrayal. What seemed like an ordinary life for Marty, his wife, and two kids turns out to be a constant quest to prevent being killed by the cartel or caught by the police. This series gives you four seasons of pure drama and is the most highly rated fictional crime story on this list. 

Bottom Line

If you are a fan of complex storylines and top-class police work, the series on this list will keep you guessing. 


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