Types of Awning for your Deck

Awnings are the preferred way to save your patio from scorching heat and enhance the exterior structure of your house without any permanent construction. 

Awnings make your outdoor living more sustainable and enjoyable.  Available in different sizes, colors and styles, if you are seeking one for your deck, you must know the rules!

From making a complicated Gazebo to compact umbrella coverage, you can install Chicagoland awnings depending on the space available and in line with the building’s exterior. It helps in cutting down your energy bills by blocking the sun streaming to keep your indoors cool. 

Also, it saves your furniture and fixtures from fading away due to excessive exposure to harmful UV rays.

Enjoying an impeccable sunset is almost impossible without a suitable outdoor space. An awning is a prerequisite to creating a suitable space that saves you from direct sun rays on hot days and extends a patio seating during a pleasant evening. 

Types of Awnings

As we have explored the importance of awnings, it’s time to dive into their types.

Permanent Protection- Stationery or fixed Awnings

It is permanently attached to the windows and doors outside the home. They are easy to maintain over your decks like pergola or gazebo. The areas with frequent sun and precipitation require replacing their cloth fabric frequently as it wears off at a faster rate. Polycarbonate deck awnings are preferred for such areas. 

Metal frames last longer but also absorb the heat and transfer to your deck. They are also prone to denting and rusting. To block UV rays and for extended durability, Polycarbonate covers are highly recommended. 

The most popular Style – Retractable Awnings

As the name suggests, these types of awnings can be retracted when not in use. It is available in two forms – manual and electric for retraction. Compared to other types of awnings, they cost you more but also come with higher benefits. There is a cassette store that supports the folded assembly at the time of retraction. To offer the most protection, some cassette stores come with cloth covering. 

Motorized awnings come with advanced weather sensors to alert you for retraction. You need to replace these sensors periodically but they are effective in reducing the risk of awning damage due to windy conditions. 

Modern features allow retracting the awnings automatically by sensing the climatic conditions from its advanced programs. 

For economical retractable awnings, there is only partial protection available. For manual awnings, you need to turn the crank. As these retractable awnings can be folded up when not in use, they can be saved from harsh climatic conditions. But every advanced feature comes at an enhanced cost. 

For higher durability, count on a durable cover that extends UV protection to resist dirt and retain its color. Either glued or sewn, you can choose from fabrics like vinyl-coated, cotton, canvas, or polyester depending on your preference. Canvas retains its color longest but polyester sags less when used for large awnings. 

For frames, you can choose aluminum or galvanized metal for a sturdy build is a good choice for windy areas. While the former weigh less, the latter offer higher strength. 

Occasional use – Portable Awnings

If you have tight budgets, portable awnings such as shade sails, canopies, and umbrellas are a good choice to consider. These are the freestanding structures that allow you to move around the patio or deck easily. 

Unique framework – Conservatory Awnings

These awnings have a unique framework and are mounted to the existing roof structure. External designs fitted over the internal design of shading over the grass. Generally, hardwearing awning fabrics are used to withstand harsh climatic conditions and to block the UV sun rays to touch the grass. They can be either remote-controlled or operated and ensure higher temperature controls. 

Window blinds – Vertical Awnings

These ‘state-of-the-art’ window blinds combine weatherproof awning fabric with retractable awnings technology to be suitably placed outside the window. Besides offering shade to your patio, it ensures privacy too by extending outwards horizontally and vertically to the wall. 

Is it worth installing an awning?

While canopies, shade sails, or umbrellas can be fetched at as low as under $100. A reliable awning costs us a few hundred dollars. If you are looking for a retractable awning, it may cost you up to some thousand dollars. Depending upon the style and technical specs, an awning may cost you accordingly. 

A motorized awning in large sizes, weather sensors, and waterproof fabric will cost you more than a simple awning with fixed settings. In the same way, if you are looking for some premium features like integrated lighting, phone app controls, and heating systems, it will cost you more. The installation cost also varies from region to region.

How to choose an awning cover?

Awning covers are typically made up of polycarbonate, canvas, polyester, cotton, and wood. Here are some of the pros and cons listed for specific cover choice:

Canvas covers are the most popular choice for their low price point and higher resilience. But they also serve as a basin for snow and rain leading to safety hazards and damage to the frame over some time. It is recommended to opt for professional installation to avoid such issues. 

Polyester awnings serve you with the ease of cleaning and higher breathability. They are easy to wipe and allows some sunshine to enter. It successfully blocks the UV rays and is considered a good option with low maintenance. 

Cotton awnings are popular options due to their breathability, waterproofness, affordability, and flexibility. Toss them in your washing machine and they are ready to use with the same luster.

Metal awnings are known for their sturdiness and durability but need a professional installation. These awnings also absorb the heat and transfer to the patio, thus avoided for the areas with the soaring sun for longer times.

Polycarbonate awnings successfully block harmful UV rays, reduce light transmission, and are virtually indestructible. It is the best bet for people looking for a durable awning.   

Wooden awnings are durable as well but rarely used as they are not waterproof. Heavy rain leads to wear off the wood awnings quickly by bending their shape. There is also an associated risk of fire.


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