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Why is the Dhow Cruise Tour a must on your itinerary while holidaying in Dubai?

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If you want to see a pluperfect amalgamation of traditionalism and modernism, then Dubai is the city where you should head to. While the city has adapted and accepted modernism, it has not forgotten its traditional roots and the rich cultural heritage. If you head over to the old part of the town, you can witness several historical buildings perfectly preserved and frozen in time with their integrity maintained. In this post, we are going to talk about Dubai Dhow Cruise, which is one of the best examples of an impeccable blend of modernism and traditionalism.

The dhow is a boat constructed out of wood and was utilized by the old fishing industry of the city. Gradually, as the economy started to largely depend on oil; it brought with it the onset of modernism, and the role of these dhows was lost since technologically advanced vessels came in replacing these dhows. However, it doesn’t mean that the city allowed its history and heritage to go into oblivion as some entrepreneurs recognized the incredible value that these dhows held and transformed these wooden fishing boats into floating restaurants.

Now, these Dhow dinner cruises are an integral part of Dubai’s tourism industry. Tourists, even if visiting for one day to the city, make sure that they don’t miss taking the dinner cruise tour on these refurbished dhows. You can either opt for Dhow Marina Cruise or Dhow Dubai Creek Cruise. The major difference between the two is that Dubai Marina is the modern part of the city with skyscrapers highlighting its skyline while Dhow Cruise through Dubai Creek will take you through the old section of the city highlighting the rich cultural heritage of Dubai.

The experience of having dinner with your friends, family, or partner over a cruise under the starry sky is extremely captivating and surreal. You won’t be able to stop your senses from getting mesmerized. Below are some of the reasons that hint as to why the Dhow Cruise Tour is a must on your itinerary while holidaying in Dubai.


  • The Amazing Food


On the dhow dinner cruise, you will be served with a blend of authentic Arabic and international cuisine. Your stomach might get full but your mind will cease from getting full at the sight of lip-smacking tasty food. Moreover, you will be witnessing royal treatment from the waiters aboard the dhow. So, it really doesn’t matter whether you are with friends, family, or your partner; you cannot miss the dhow dinner cruise when in Dubai. Imagine the surreal experience of having a candlelight dinner with your spouse under the starry sky while sailing over Dubai waters.


  • Live Singing and Dancing


Delicious food is not the only treat on the dhow. Apart from sparking your taste buds, you get to enjoy live cultural shows as well. You will witness ‘Tanura’ which is a Turkish dance commonly performed by male dancers. In the beginning, there was belly dancing as well; however, now if you want to see traditional belly dancing, you can opt for the overnight desert safari in Dubai.

Apart from dancing, a live singing performance is also there to enthrall you. This combination of tasty food, dancing, and soft singing is bound to bewitch you.


  • The Amazing Sight-Seeing Experience


If you opt for a dhow cruise from Dubai Marina, the modern part of the city with its illuminated skyscrapers and the pristine beaches will leave you mesmerized. On the other hand, if you opt for a cruise from Dubai Creek, you can witness the rich cultural heritage and the traditional side of the city. Both experiences are equally fantabulous and have enough capacity to bedazzle your senses.

  1.     Hassle-Free Booking Experience

The booking process for the dhow dinner cruise is easy and effortless. There are no middlemen or brokers in between. You can do the booking yourself online via the website. Another cool thing about the dhow dinner cruises is that the price per person you need to pay will fall well within your budget. It is not at all costly and you don’t have to splurge your money to enjoy this amazing experience. So, even if you are traveling to Dubai on a budget, the amazing dhow cruise can have a spot on your itinerary without having to go overboard with your spending.

  1.     Celebrate your special day on the dhow

The dhow dinner cruises provide you with an option to make your special day even grander. If you are having a birthday, you can throw an open-air birthday bash on the dhow. If you are planning your wedding, there’s no spot as sweet as onboard a dhow to exchange vows with your partner. It doesn’t go without saying that celebrating your birthday or tying a knot with your partner over a dhow cruise amidst the sparkling waters and the enchanting views of Dubai’s skyline is extremely memorable and special. 

Apart from birthdays and weddings, you can also book dhow dinner cruises to hold formal meetings and corporate conferences. Of course, if you are looking to book a dhow dinner cruise for such events, you need to make the required booking well-in-advance.

Final Words

From the above points, you can easily infer as to why you should not miss the amazing dhow dinner cruise when in Dubai. This wonderful chance of having a compounded experience of delicious food, witnessing the marvelous city while sailing on the waters, unparalleled hospitality, and live performances can only be given by a dhow dinner cruise. So, if you are planning to visit Dubai, make sure you put the dhow cruise on your itinerary.


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