Why more women should get into gaming

Gaming has grown into such a massive industry that video games have now permeated every aspect of our lives. Whether we play on PC, console or mobile. Video games are now more readily available than any time in history. Gaming is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. However, despite more women becoming gamers than ever before, it is an industry traditionally geared towards and dominated by men. For many years, women have been an afterthought where gaming was concerned. In addition to this, men and boys at times made the environment inhospitable. The gamergate controversy of 2014 became a watershed moment in the industry that illustrated the contentions relationship between the gaming industry and women. Fortunately, since then, more women have taken to gaming and it is growing in popularity. Nonetheless, it is a pastime in which more women should become interested. Here are a few reasons.


More games feature female protagonists – Gone are the days when female characters in video games were designed to accommodate male interests. Much of that has changed and now an increasing number of female protagonists are being featured in video games. Games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, and newer editions of Tomb Raider all feature well-written, well-voiced female characters with strong roles that signify women’s concrete place in gaming. 


You can earn money – Video games aren’t just big business for game developers, but for players as well. Players are now able to earn money through their gameplay. Many users stream games on services such as Twitch, allowing enthusiasts to look on. Top streamers are big earners in this circle. Additionally, esports continues to attract a large number of women with top players earning millions of dollars from sponsorship, prize money and endorsements. In fact, esports is one of the few arenas where men and women can compete side by side. But you don’t have to invest in expensive consoles or gaming rigs in order to earn money while gaming. Players can also earn prizes in games such as these top rated Bitcoin casinos.


Gaming is fun – Games are meant to be a fun way to pass the time. This is especially true during the age of Covid-19 where millions of people are stuck in quarantine until they are able to be vaccinated. Gaming is a pastime that can be enjoyed alone, with friends or strangers, even if they are all far away. In fact, video games offer people ways to meet new people and make friends. Also, with so many different types of games available, everyone can find something that interests them. Whether it’s driving games, role-playing games (RPGs) or even first-person shooter games, just to name a few, there is no shortage of game types.


Achieve something – Video games offer players the ability to set a goal and achieve it. No matter how small the goal is, there is a reward at the end for those who stick with their tasks. Games require that you put your brains and reflexes to good use. They also give you an opportunity to work on your problem-solving skills. It comes as no surprise that younger gamers applying for jobs are sought after for their problem-solving skills. Conversely, older gamers have a decreased prevalence of Alzeihemer’s disease.


Better feedback – One can make the argument that sexist character portrayals in the video game industry were allowed to fester for so long because fewer female gamers were available to challenge these negative portrayals. With more women playing games and giving feedback on what works and what does not, games and their representations of women will continue to improve. But it’s not just about the players. Along with more women studying game development in college, more women are also assuming leadership roles in video game companies. These women, in their own way, are helping games to adopt more realistic portrayals of women. 


Unfortunately, female gamers still have a lot to put up with in the male-dominated industry. Sexual harassment still abounds online and game developers still have much room for improvement when it comes to creating quality content with good female lead characters. However, the only way it may change for good would be for women to take their rightful place in the industry. 


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