Why Node.js is best for backend development 

Sometimes you live up to the day when you feel the need to share your experience with others. Usually, this day comes after the 100th project you developed. 


The RexSoft node.js dedicated team, who brought you this article, are having this day today. And they are ready to tell you why Node.js is the best solution for web application development and why their backend developers aced this tech so well. 


The advantages of Node.js for backend development 


  1. Modern users will like it more 


Apps that are written on Node.js have two crucial things for modern application development. The first is flexibility and the second is faster runtime. These two combined are what make the Node.js apps more needed on the market. These apps are faster and more responsible, and so your users are more likely to stay in an application that works seamlessly than go and search the net for something else. 


2. It has high recommendations 


Node.js is adopted by a lot of companies on the market. And when we say a lot, we mean A LOT. The giants like eBay, Uber, Walmart, Netflix are only a part of those, who use Node.js in their web apps. Not to mention that the framework has more than 400 million downloads. 


3. It makes the development easier and faster 


With this giant “fanbase” Node.js is a really secure choice. If something has gone wrong and your seamless development isn’t going so seamlessly, you will have an opportunity to solve your problem easier since a lot of people know how to do it. It is a well-established tech on the market and there is a low possibility of something unknown, and even mistakes are almost nullified when you deal with something so well-rooted. 


When to use Node.js for backend development 


In general, the advice from RexSoft is to use Node.js for server-side development. Also, this tech is considered the best option for web applications, and we won’t argue with that. But here are more examples of when you could use Node.js for your backend development. 


  1. Messengers 


Thanks to its runtime, Node.js is able to improve the workflow of any chat application. When Node.js is deployed in an app like this, it will perform under any traffic and won’t crash due to data overload. 


2. Streaming services 


We already said that Netflix uses it, right? Node.js gives the opportunity to download and upload data simultaneously and not in turn, which improves the general performance of a service like this. 


3. Online games 


Not every framework has a runtime that will be able to handle multiply connections at once. Fortunately, Node.js can do it and if you’re working on an online game, Node.js is the best choice for the backend of your project. 


Generally speaking, everything that involves data analysis needs fast runtime or a large amount of connections to the web app is ideal for Node.js usage. The framework can turn tables on your project and the right choice is important here. 

So, if you’re having any doubts… Well, you can contact someone reliable such as RexSoft’s expert, or reread this article one more time. 


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