Why the EasyReaderNews paywall

“Sisyphus.” Illustration by Bob Staake (BobStaake.com)

Dear Readers:

EasyReaderNews.com now requires readers to pay $52 a year for full access to stories.

(One article a day may be read at no charge.)

Newspapers have been free, or essentially free, since the penny papers of the mid-1800s. They have been financed not by readers, but by advertisers.

That business model collapsed in the digital age. Digital advertising hasn’t been sufficient to support robust reporting.

As a result, newspapers must require readers to help pay for the news they have long gotten for free.

We wish to thank our advertisers for supporting Easy Reader’s news coverage of the Beach Cities over the past half century. And look forward to their continued support.

The Easy Reader print edition will continue to be mailed to 45,000 Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach homes on the second Thursday of each month, and delivered the other three weeks of each month on newsstands throughout the Beach Cities.

Kevin Cody