Why Your Garage Door Isn’t Working

Have you ever found yourself stuck outside your home because the garage door won’t respond? A broken garage door can really mess up your day, and has the potential to be dangerous as well. There are several reasons why a garage door isn’t operating correctly. These issues can range from the power source being disrupted to the physical cables that pull the door being jammed. Thankfully these issues can be fixed or doors can replaced so that you are able to use your garage just like before. 


What’s Happening to Your Door


Garage doors work in a unique way, they contain a power supply, an electric motor, and a track that the doors travel through. Once you hit the button to give it the go ahead, a signal will be sent to a receiver which will then lift up the door and keep it in place until you signal it back down. You can control this whole process through your remote which will take care of the whole process in one step. 

Since this machinery is built up of many complex parts, it’s possible that errors might occur and garage doors stop functioning properly. These issues can be inconvenient, and more importantly, unsafe because a malfunctioning door has the potential to cause a lot of damage. 

In most cases, these problems can be caused by age. Garages tend to get dirty, so dust can clog sensor holes or stop power from running correctly. A few causes of common problems may be blocked connections from the receiver, an old power supply, or poor condition springs and cables. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as a remote having low battery or being desynchronized with the door itself, however this is not always the case.

 It is important to be aware of the signs that these problems can occur and what to look for, such as stopping before the garage opens or making loud noises like a cable break. Whatever the cause of the problem, repairing your garage door should always be your top priority, and the best way to go about this through a garage door repair company


What Can You Do


If you experience problems such as these in your own home, we recommend repairing the garage door professionally. It is worth fixing it this way instead of outright trying it out yourself because professionals are more likely to know exactly what to do.A DIY repair process is often not worth the extra cost you’ll be paying for materials, You can save time and money by having a professional do the job, and be more likely to get every issue resolved without you having to worry about it yourself. 

Repairing a garage door is often very important if you want to avoid unnecessary risk. The big advantage of getting a door repaired is that these fixes often tend to last a number of years so that you don’t have to worry about your these kinds of issues affecting your home again for a long time. 



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