10 Luxurious Casino Restaurants To Dine In

Luxury dining and casinos go hand in hand. There’s a simple explanation: when you’re having a fantastic time, you naturally want to eat well.

Some of the top restaurants in the world may be found in the restaurants found in luxury hotels and casinos, which in turn attract a diverse clientele. There’s just no reason to look elsewhere. It’s not the same with online casinos where you use paysafe casino New Zealand

Restaurants come in many shapes and sizes, and not all provide buffets or have huge chains as their only option. Restaurants in casinos can be destinations in their own right, with menus designed by celebrity chefs, themed rooms, strict dress standards, and original drinks.

While daydreaming about a future trip with more favorable conditions, we have compiled a list of the best 10 casino restaurants worldwide. Open a bottle of champagne and take your time deciding where to eat.


The Restaurant Guy Savoy, Caesars Palace of Las Vegas, USA

This French fine dining establishment is consistently ranked highly by regular diners and professional critics as one of the best in Las Vegas.

That’s not surprising, considering that owner/head chef Guy Savoy is responsible for a chain of restaurants that have earned many Michelin stars.

An upscale European restaurant in a well-known casino like Caesars Palace was destined to be successful.

In addition, the à la carte menu at this elegant casino staple also includes all the glitzy fixings you’d expect, including oysters, caviar, black truffle soup, and lobster.


The Top of the World, The Strat of Las Vegas, USA

You can’t go to Vegas and not try this if you’re into exquisite food.

Top of the World Restaurant at The Strat Hotel & Casino offers panoramic views of the Las Vegas valley from more than 840 feet above street level, making it a popular destination for tourists as much for the scenery as the food.

This world-famous restaurant is also a sight because it spins around in a complete round every 80 minutes.

The restaurant’s cuisine and wine list have both won accolades. Shrimp, oysters, lobster, crab, and other seafood, as well as steaks and pasta, are among the options for diners.


Robuchon au Dôme, Grand Lisboa, Macau, China

The Robuchon du Dôme, housed in the Grand Lisboa hotel and casino’s beautiful and iconic dome structure, is universally recognized as one of the best restaurants in the world.

The French restaurant has garnered Michelin stars in addition to its magnificent decor, which includes a crystal chandelier that cascades down from the ceiling.

Famous French chef Jol Robuchon has passed away, yet his name will live forever in culinary history.


Wing Lei Palace, Wynn Palace, Macau, China

Leaving Macau was only complete with recognizing a top restaurant serving authentic Cantonese cuisine. However, Wing Lei Palace deserves its status, as it has been deemed an excellent establishment by many of the world’s most prestigious travel books.

Diners at this Chinese fine dining establishment are treated to a sensory experience unlike any other as they glide through a garden filled with millions of blooms before arriving at the opulent gold, white, and green dining room, which overlooks Wynn Palace’s renowned “Performance Lake.”

Individual rooms with private toilets and lake views are available for reservation.


The Borgata Hotel of Atlantic City, USA

Bobby Flay Steak strikes the spot here with its ‘contemporary take on the conventional steakhouse.’

They serve up delicious home cooking on the Empire Boardwalk, with their ‘Philadelphia-style strip steak’ being a particular favorite. Still, you can also chow down on delicacies like tuna, burrata, and items from the ‘lobster bar,’ like a lobster crab cake.


Buddha-Bar, Place du Casino of Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Buddha-Bar, which styles itself as a “lounge-like” restaurant, draws substantially on features of Japanese and Thai culture, design, and cuisine. 

The seven-meter-high ceiling, enormous Buddha statue, and outside terraces are just a few eye-catching aspects of the repurposed performance venue.

Fortunately, the cuisine is the main draw, and the sushi, sashimi, and other pan-Asian specialties here are highly regarded.


Le Train Bleu, Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

This trendy eatery is housed in a replica dining car from a railway.

Le Train Bleu, also known as “The Blue Train,” has been well-praised for its exquisite Italian cuisine, which retains a distinct French (or Monégasque) flavor.

The elegant Belle Époque design of this establishment requires formal attire. Then, pick your poison from an Italian, French, and English à la carte menu.

You can choose from a variety of seafood dishes, pasta, and rice (such as saffron risotto and tortellini), as well as cheeses and sweets (like a “dolce del momento”).


The Ritz Restaurant, London, UK

Men, please remember to dress formally. Simply said, because it’s London and it’s The Ritz.

The five-star, Grade II-listed hotel has a Michelin-starred restaurant to whet your appetite before you go to the Ritz Club casino in the basement to relive the good old days.

You can enjoy local fish, lobster, crab, or duck liver with damson plus pistachio. Also, you can have classic desserts and gourmet vegan and vegetarian options, all while looking out over a beautiful park.

Select the correct evening, and you might even hear a real pianist.


Heliot Steak House of The Hippodrome Casino in London, UK

The Hippodrome Casino boasts the ‘greatest steak house in the English city,’ serving equally delicious food in a more low-key setting.

You’ll have to make that call yourself, but we can tell you that the 100-seat restaurant has a great view of the casino floor. 

You may get lobster tail on top of your USDA-grade steak, but that’s not all. 


Waku Ghin of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

A casino restaurant as well-known as Waku Ghin in a city renowned for its exquisite street food had to be doing something right.

Euro-Japanese fusion dishes are featured with local, in-season ingredients at this two-Michelin-star restaurant.

Tetsuya Wakuda is a world-renowned chef whose hypnotic dishes blend French techniques with elements from East Asia.

Exciting dishes like sea urchin, Okinawan spinach, and yuzu granita have appeared on prior menus, all of which were designed with fans of minimalist elegance in mind.


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