Parade, speeches, documentaries highlight Hermosa Beach Pride Festival 2022

A parade down Pier avenue to the beach, followed by speeches at the rainbow-painted lifeguard tower on Saturday morning; and a surf session Sunday morning highlighted the second annual Hermosa Pride Festival.

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Images of alarming beauty by fine art photographer Reidar Schopp

By Bondo Wyszpolski

Thorns and roses Into the box with Reidar Schopp by Bondo Wyszpolski What leads someone into taking up photography may be a course or two in high school and a few more in college, and then perhaps their portfolio lands them a job or an assignment for a local newspaper or magazine. For Reidar Schopp,…


By Neely Swanson

“Gloria” is a brand new French police/thriller series based on Matthew Hall’s 2017 British series called “Keeping Faith.” All six episodes of “Gloria” were directed by Julien Colonna, and written by Jeanne Le Guillou and Bruno Dega. Gloria, still at home caring for baby Leo, is eager to return to the family law practice. She…

Three for the money at Yellow Vase in Rolling Hills

By Richard Foss

Putting two businesses under the same roof can make a lot of sense under some circumstances. A bakery and café is an obvious example, because if you’re going to be baking breads and pastries, making sandwiches out of some of the bread and serving coffee along with the pastries will appeal to a wider range…

Country club dining in 21st century El Segundo

By Richard Foss

I was the child of an avid golfer, and grew up liking everything about the game except playing it. The players were eye-catching in either spotless whites or garish plaids, and their shoes made a curious crunching noise when the cleats hit anything but grass. The long walk in a manicured landscape allowed glimpses of…