BeachLife 3.0 – Homegrown festival finds its groove

by Rachel Reeves  Five-year-old Devan Velez was excited for weeks about seeing Sheryl Crow at the BeachLife Festival. In preparation, she watched the documentary, Sheryl, which premiered in early May. Devan selected her outfit ahead of time: jeans, a pink T-shirt featuring a zebra wearing sunglasses, and a cowgirl hat.  Velez loves music. She likes to tell people she’s a DJ; sometimes she wears a T-shirt that identifies her as a DJ to school at Alta Vista Elementary. Her eyes…

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“The Valet” – Excellent Service [MOVIE REVIEW]

By Neely Swanson

Comedies don’t often translate from language to language, sometimes not even British English to American English. Rarer still are foreign language comedies because they seem to lose too much in translation and this is especially true of the comedies written by Francis Veber. There were many American remakes, many that he, himself, wrote in English…

Randy Berler’s cinematic oasis

By Bondo Wyszpolski

Art films? Alternative films? Foreign films? Independent films? Randy Berler has brought the best of them to the South Bay for 10 years by Bondo Wyszpolski South Bay Film Society was founded in 2012 by Randy Berler and is known as the Laemmle of the South Bay. It curates the best of the art house…

Pizza and sports essentials Pizza Coast Hiway in Redondo

By Richard Foss

I am often confused by acronyms because the same letters can mean so many things. When a chef mentioned he used to work for the CIA I thought he was a spy until I realized that he meant the Culinary Institute of America. That said, the people who named the former Charlie’s “Pizza Coast Hiway”…

Second City signoff, ice cream to Goat Hill, GF bakery spinoff, and other dining news

By Richard Foss

Food Truck In Reverse: It’s not unusual for food truck operators to transition their business to a brick-and-mortar location, but somewhat less common for the opposite to happen. That process has occurred at Manhattan House, which closed a few weeks ago. Former chef-owner Juan Torres has taken his act on the road with a food…