5 Misconceptions About Surfing You Need To Stop Believing

Surfing can become everyone’s hobby. Learn about common surfing misconceptions.

In every field of activity, some misconceptions and myths can surprise the unprepared reader. You cannot easily believe everything that is said, because you can miss important events in your life.

If you’ve never surfed and want to get started, then common misconceptions can be confusing. We will try to convince you that some of the facts about surfing are false.

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A piece of cake

When we look at surfers, it seems like it’s amazingly easy and everyone can repeat the tricks. However, you will only be able to start swimming on your own after you have completed a long training course. Swimming is easy and, lying on the surf, everyone can do it. But even getting on the board can be difficult. Then you need to swim to the lineup, wait for the wave, and then try to conquer it.

It should be understood that you will often fall, and after falls, you need to start the procedure again. On average, for two hours of swimming, you can spend about 10 minutes on the waves. To do this, you must be physically fit and resilient.

Surfing is a sport for a lone wolf

Looking at Hollywood movies, we see people who get up before dawn, take the surf and go to the beach to conquer the waves. It seems that such people like being alone and enjoying the silence.

This sport cannot be classified as antisocial, as surfers unite in communities and share news with others, look for the best places with big waves, teach each other and look after each other. You always need to be in the company of people, because water is an unpredictable environment where anything can happen to you. You may be seized by a cramp or hit against rocks when you fall. In this case, there should always be friends nearby who will look after you.

The bigger, the better

Many people think that surfers are chasing big waves and that conquering that wave is their greatest achievement. Of course, conquering a big wave commands respect. However, most surfers don’t chase fame. They do it for emotions and sensation. While surfing, a person receives emotions from each wave taken, a feeling of endless freedom and flight.


Prey for shark

The most common misconception concerns sharks. After watching horror movies, people feel a sense of dread of being eaten by sharks and believe that sharks regularly eat surfers. It should be understood that sharks are not found in all coastlines. In general, they rarely go ashore because of the warm water. They hunt most of all in remote waters, where there is a chance to find large prey. Therefore, you have nothing to fear. 

Hot beaches and white sand

One gets the impression that surfing can only be done in hot countries, where you can swim in shorts and swimsuits. Surfing can be done wherever there are waves. You can conquer the waves in the northern cities of Russia, in the cold Atlantic Ocean, or on Lake Michigan. The main thing is the presence of waves, and cold weather is not a problem. To do this, you can purchase high-tech wetsuits, hydro vests, hydro shoes, and hydro gloves. In today’s world, there are no restrictions on surfing, only your desire.


Surfing is not an easy sport. It requires solid physical fitness and stamina. The main thing here is not the conquest of high waves, but the feelings that overwhelm you when you are on the surf.


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