7 Best Volleyball Movies

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has simple rules, and the process of playing and placing bets on 22Bet on popular events is exciting. It would seem that hundreds of good movies about this sport should be made, but it turned out to be much more complicated. The thing is that it is very difficult to find good films about volleyball, as this sport has not succeeded in cinematography. But here are a few movies for volleyball lovers.


Green Flash, 2008

Cameron Day is in trouble. He is in his early thirties, and his professional basketball career has been put on a permanent stop. With no more hope of reaching the heights and glory, Day’s life becomes mundane, aimless, and he falls into a depression.


Fortune is on Cameron’s side, and he meets a beautiful young girl. She helps him cope with his problems and gets him involved in another sport – beach volleyball. Perhaps, that’s where Day will be able to find his place in professional sports.


Miles, 2016

The story centers on a high school student named Miles from Central America. The guy dreams of going to Chicago and seeking his happiness outside of the boring town. The chance to do so is to get a college scholarship. His grades are excellent, but for a scholarship, there is another condition – he must be a member of a volleyball team. It would seem that nothing difficult, the goal is quite achievable. But there is just one nuance: Miles’ school has only a women’s volleyball team. Yet, the guy is ready to overcome all obstacles to come to the cherished goal.


Yes, there is an anime in our selection. It’s just that it’s probably the highest-rated work about volleyball, even though it’s animated.


Haikyuu!! 2014

The plot is painfully simple. A guy named Seye Hinata happens to be at a volleyball game, which instantly instills in him a love for the sport. Hinata is so inspired by the game and wants to reach her potential in it that she puts together her high school team. Unfortunately, the team loses their first and last high school final match by a landslide. This is not surprising, since their opponent was Tobio Kageyama. Naturally, Hinata seeks revenge, and in high school, she joins a volleyball club, where she comes face to face with Kageyama.


The Miracle Season, 2018

Carolyn Found is a true leader. Her entire volleyball team is thrilled with her captain; they are ready to follow her to victory. But one day a terrible tragedy happens: after a party, Carolyn is involved in a fatal car accident. The team is in mourning, and the athletes are in despair.


But the competition isn’t cancelled, and the team coach appoints a new captain – Callie, who was a friend of Caroline. Now Callie has to muster up the courage to take over as captain and lead the team.


Air Bud: Spikes Back, 2003

Do you like doggy movies? We’ve got one in our picks! Buddy the dog tries his hand at volleyball. The plot of the movie is simple: Tammy, a girlfriend of 13-year-old Andrea, goes on vacation to California with her parents. Andrea is sad, and even the arrival of her new roommate, her age Conor, does not make the girl happy.


Everything changes when Conor suggests Andrea participate in a beach volleyball competition because the grand prize is a trip to California. The team Andrea and Conor play for wins game after game, because their mascot, Buddy the dog, is with them.


But one day Buddy is kidnapped by thieves who decide that the talented dog will help them steal an expensive item from the local museum. Will Buddy be able to escape from the intruders and help Andrea get to California?


Oppai Barê, 2009

Mikako, a young and enthusiastic teacher, comes to the new high school. Eager to prove herself, she happily agrees to supervise the volleyball club. However, it turns out that the team doesn’t even think about volleyball, and spends all their days having fun in the clubhouse and looking at erotic magazines. 


At first, Mikako tries to talk some sense into the students, but when all else fails, in desperation she offers them a deal. She will show her breasts if they win at least one match at the next competition. Encouraged by this tempting offer, the wussies and losers of the volleyball club start training hard to achieve the desired goal, but Mikako is no longer sure whether to be happy or sad about this diligence.


Cloud 9, 2006

Cheater and trainer Billy Cole is always looking for a way to get rich.

His new idea is beach volleyball. To enjoy success with the public, Billy assembles an unusual team consisting of strippers. And it works!

At first, it may seem that this movie is not about sports at all, but about beauties in bathing suits and their ambitions. But it isn’t. “Cloud 9” is a very light, even naive film about beach volleyball.



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