Best of 2021: Photowalks Season 2

Downtown Flagstaff Arizona is on Route 66. By Jefferson Graham for the Photowalks series

Manhattan Beach Pier by Jefferson Graham for the Photowalks series.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, we still managed to bring the Photowalk cameras to some great places year for season 2 of the travel photography series, so if you’ll indulge me, a quick look back at highlights from a strange year.

I just put together a highlight reel from the just concluded season which begins locally, with stops in Manhattan Beach and Redondo, and then heads east on Route 10 to the desert oasis of Palm Springs. We travel north on Route 15 to Las Vegas and Zion National Park in southern Utah. On a separate trip, it was down Route 40 to get to the historic Arizona mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona, and for Oahu, Hawaii and Savannah, Georgia, well, there was no other way than airplane travel. Please watch the highlight reel below!

I started the Photowalks series because whenever I popped into town, I’d pepper locals with questions about where to go to get the best sunset and iconic Instagram shots. They always delivered, and I ended up with better shots, just by asking some questions. I figured if I was interested in this stuff, others would be too, and it would be fun to bring viewers along for the ride.We go there together on the show, I show off the best photo spots and offer tips on how get better photos when you’re on vacation. 

I shot most of the episodes on the camera viewers were probably using—a smartphone, so no fancy gear needed on your part. I did all of Zion on an iPhone 12 Pro, and Savannah and Flagstaff on the newer iPhone 13 Pro Max

Historic Savannah, Georgia, by Jefferson Graham for the Photowalks series

You can see the complete episodes on YouTube or visit And if you want to go nitty gritty into how to become a better mobile photographer, check out my new podcast, the iPhone Photoshow

The new season of Photowalks TV kicks off January 11 with an episode exploring the murals of San Francisco’s Mission District. We’ll also be stopping in New Mexico and Big Sur for the third season. I hope you’ll come along for the ride. 

(Last plug: I’m leading a free, live photowalk of the Manhattan Beach Pier on January 16. Please sign up and join us!

Zion National Park. Yes, this was shot on an iPhone. By Jefferson Graham



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