Best Online Casino Texas & Ohio. Is it legal? Best Alternatives 

If you’re looking to play online casino games from either Texas or Ohio, you’re very quickly going to discover there aren’t any legal options. But there are safe and reputable alternatives, in the form of social and sweepstake casinos.

Some of these social sites look just like their real-money counterparts, but all the games are completely free to play. Operators have come up with virtual game tokens to create the perfect illusion of the real thing, but with no financial risk. There are even a few bonus promotions, and introductory offers to look forward to.

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Getting started at a social casino

Real-money online casinos attract attention with introductory offers and bonuses. These usually take the form of free spins on a popular slot, or a deposit match bonus, but neither option is relevant at a social casino site. After all, every spin is technically a free spin, and there are no deposits to be made.

But even a free-to-play social casino needs to use something to wager with, even though it can’t be anything of value. So game tokens are given out upon registration, with more available to be won through gameplay, bonuses and promotions.

An introductory award and an exclusive bonus

Take as an example. This is one of a new breed of sweepstake casinos to have launched across the US, giving out an introductory Gold Coin award just as soon as you register using your social media account or email address.

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Social casinos can feel close to the real thing

Social and sweepstake casinos come with a variety of themes, making them a suitable option for every type of casino fan. Whether you can’t get enough of spinning up the reels of slot machine games, or you prefer to take a seat at the Roulette or Blackjack tables, there are social casinos that offer the sort of experience you’re looking for.

Some operators place the emphasis on having fun, chatting with old friends and making new ones. Others, such as are aiming to give the perfect illusion of real-money casino gameplay, with a modern and cutting-edge design. And since is based around blockchain technology, there’s the opportunity to explore free Stake Original games too, including popular titles such as Crash, Plinko and Mines.

Gold Coins

With no real money deposits to be made at a social casino, operators have come up with the concept of Gold Coins. As extravagant as they sound, they aren’t actually coins, and they’re definitely not made of gold, or any other metal. In fact, Gold Coins only exist as virtual gaming tokens on the site that issued them. You can’t exchange them between casinos, withdraw them, redeem them or transfer them.

But once your social casino account has been topped up with an introductory Gold Coin bonus, you can use them to play all the games across the operator’s site. Any game winnings are paid out in more Gold Coins, giving you access to even more gameplay.

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Sweeps Coins

Sign up to a straightforward social casino and there are only Gold Coins to play with. But if you register with a sweepstake casino, such as, you’ll find there’s a second type of game token available. Most operators refer to them as Sweeps Coins, but over at they’re known as Stake. Cash.

Sweeps Coins are very similar to Gold Coins in many ways. They can be used in place of Gold Coins to play games, with winnings returned in the form of more Sweeps Coins. But unlike Gold Coins, Sweeps Coins come with a redemption value. Once played through in accordance with the operator’s terms and conditions, Sweeps Coins can be exchanged for real-world prizes, including gift cards and merchandise.


Conclusion: Legal online casinos in Texas and Ohio

Whether you’re a resident of the Buckeye State, or holidaying in the Lone Star State, the fact that real-money online casinos aren’t legal there isn’t the end of the story. Social and sweepstake casinos provide a safe and fun alternative, which can be almost indistinguishable from the real money experience. Only your bankroll will notice the difference, as it isn’t needed at any of these sites.

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And yet, if you choose to play at a sweepstake casino, such as, there’s still the possibility of receiving real-life rewards. It’s the perfect alternative for anyone frustrated by the lack of real-money casino gaming. If you haven’t taken a look at what’s available, is an excellent example of what’s possible in the world of social casino gameplay.


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