Desktop vs Mobile: The Best Way to Gamble Online

The days when players had to sit at their computers at home to gamble online are long gone. As technology advanced, so did the online gambling industry, which always followed the latest technological trends to gratify the players.


Nowadays, anyone can bet anytime and regardless of the location by simply using their mobile devices. However, both desktop and mobile gambling have their pros and cons. For those who have ever wondered what the best way to gamble online is, we’ll elaborate and pinpoint the strong and weak points of desktop and online gambling.

Gambling On Desktop

One of the most apparent advantages of desktop gambling is the screen size, especially now when there are 4K monitors in 30+ inch sizes. Playing on screens this big allows total immersion in online gambling and spotting some details that players could otherwise overlook on a small mobile screen. 


For those with two (or more) screens, this allows playing different games simultaneously, even on different websites.


The user interface of desktop casino games is much easier to navigate, and all options are placed on one screen, unlike those in mobile casino games placed in the menu. 


Furthermore, gambling on the desktop allows installing various auto-tracking pieces of software that can track the gambling progress. This is particularly important for those players striving to become professional gamblers or those who have already reached that level of expertise.


And finally, players won’t need to install any additional software for gambling since they can do everything directly on the website. Speaking of gambling websites, have a look at the top PayPal gambling sites and start playing right away. 


Unfortunately, not everything about desktop gambling is ideal. One of the most apparent downsides is that computers and laptops aren’t portable, which means that players must remain in one spot to gamble.


All things considered, gambling on a desktop is perfect for those who don’t mind staying in one place for a long time because it genuinely can offer an ultimate online gambling experience. 

Gambling On Mobile

When it comes to playing casino games on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, they can offer the “lite” version of desktop gambling; especially nowadays, when smartphones are so advanced that they are computers that may fit in the pocket. 


Even though there are fewer online casino games to choose from on mobile than on desktop, the audio/visual quality and the overall gambling experience are practically the same as on desktop, but with one huge advantage – mobility. 


It allows anyone to gamble regardless of the current location, as long as there is an internet connection. This convenience is simply impossible on a desktop, and this is one of the main reasons why players prefer playing on mobile rather than on a desktop.


In addition to this, many online gambling platforms offer exclusive bonuses to mobile players, which aren’t available on desktops. As a result, this strategy increases the mobile player count, and it’s a win-win situation for both online gambling platforms and players. 


And just like desktop gambling, mobile gambling isn’t perfect as well. No matter how convenient they are, mobile games will rapidly drain the battery, so players must constantly check the battery level.


Even though charging the phone using a portable charger or a wall socket is possible, the phones and tablets tend to heat up very quickly, which can be a huge problem when playing for a longer period. 


Lastly, security can be a huge deal breaker for playing on a smartphone or tablet, especially when connecting to Wi-Fi networks that aren’t secured. In general, gambling on mobile is ideal for those who are constantly on the move and don’t mind the smaller screen size compared to desktop.

Desktop VS Mobile – The Winner

Frankly, both gambling ways are great, and we couldn’t choose a winner here. Playing online casino games on desktop and mobile devices has its benefits and drawbacks, and in the end, it all comes to personal preferences. What matters is that players have the choice between both, and they aren’t limited to playing exclusively on mobile or desktop unless their preferred gambling platform is mobile-only or desktop-only.



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