Egyptian slots – Why Egypt and Pyramids are so involved in casino games

The stories and myths of Ancient Egypt fascinated people for centuries. Mighty pyramids stood out next to the Sphinx in the middle of the desert for millennia. Legends of pharaohs’ fortunes grabbed the imagination of adventurers and treasure hunters. That drive was amplified by the scholars’ work around the Pyramids started in the early 19th century.


Initiated by no other but Napoleon, the passion for Egypt’s gold brought thousands of people to the area. Archaeologists dug out history more than 5000 years old. Tutankhamen tomb, mummies of Ramses II and Queen Hatshepsut, Rosetta stone – these artifacts top the list of those amazing discoveries. But it was not only a scientific job there. Numerous treasure hunters embarked on a quest near the Pyramids to look for the old times gold. Some were lucky, but many lacked the chance to stumble around anything, Archaeological Survey Costs.


Well, some people got their hands on precious findings like jewelry, stones, sculptures but later fell ill or even died under mysterious circumstances. Such cases created the myth of Egypt’s gold curse. Whoever dares to enter the Pharaoh’s tomb and takes out the fortunes falls under the ancient damnation. 


With so many Egyptian myths, do you still wonder why the Pyramids are so involved in games?


Many stories, plays, movies, board games, and others are driven by inspiration by the Ancient Kingdom legends. The Egypt topic is widely covered in the casino titles too. Some of the favorite slot machines are based on Pyramids and Pharaoh’s tales. The fortunes of the land are legendary, making sense that the theme is so much involved in the games of chance.


You will find hundreds of Egypt-themed slot titles around the web. Here are some of the popular picks for punters online:

  • Age of Egypt
  • The Rise of Ra
  • Almighty Ramses II
  • Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx
  • Cleopatra Slot
  • A While on the Nile
  • Book f Dead
  • Crown of Egypt


We can name dozens of titles. The history of Egypt is so long and so rich that the casino games might be divided into sub-topics. Some games are based on ancient gods and mythology. Others draw inspiration from Pharaoh’s fortunes stories. And Cleopatra is already another era of the kingdom by the Nile.


Different bonus levels and extra play rounds appear in those games. There are 3-reel and 5-reel slots, games with fixed multiple lines. You can find Pyramid related machines with stacked wilds or sticky wilds. The wide variety is both alluring and confusing.


What is common for all those games? 


You might be lucky or lose a lot. The same happened to many treasure hunters around the Pyramids. The good news is you can enjoy egyptian slots for free at Playing those games is all fun. No sign-up neither funds depositing is required. You can find many demo games under that topic available right away on the website without the need to download or installing any software. Once you think about finding out the secrets of ancient fortunes, you can start playing for real money. And still, be cautious because Ancient Egypt does not lose its fortunes just like that.



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