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Essaybulls Review: The Services One Receives Once in a Lifetime

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My rating: 9.5 out of 10 



First of all, I’d like you to get to know the story of how I ended up with Essaybulls. Before stumbling upon this company on the web, I got pretty tired of seeking a reliable and trustworthy writing service. Dozens of bum web pages visited, numerous days wasted – at one point I just thought of pulling the plug on the whole thing and putting up with my gruesome plight. I nearly became a writer myself, which would have caused plenty of inconvenience in my life as aside from my student’s routine, I also try to make a living somehow. But there it was, my salvation – after days of the off-putting hunt for writers’ website, one academic forum brought light to my world by suggesting Essaybulls. Now, let’s move closer to this service that I was very fortunate to find. It may sound a little emotional, but on Essaybulls.com, it seems that they start taking care of you even before you pay for essay

Brief Overview

A long-established writing service, Essaybulls, is a company that specializes in delivering academic services, namely essays, research theses, research papers, reviews, etc. Essaybulls takes pride in the great reputation it has gained over the years and spotlights its top services, showcasing the spectacular range of its advantages right on the landing page. It may sound a little biased, but on Essaybulls.com, it’s seems that they start taking care of you even before you pay for essay! And now I’m dedicating this review to what Essaybulls is about and why you should definitely try this service out! 



Given that quality is a point of paramount significance in academic writing, I’d like to begin my review with this aspect. At Essaybulls, they put the quality of the writing the first place and hire the writers who have really impressive proficiency with English. Hence, my research paper in cognitive linguistics proved to very English-like and perceptive. I could tell that the writer had done a weighty research into the topic and thus highlighted it very profoundly and thoughtfully. My supervisor was left very content with my paper. The only drawback of the writing is its irrelevant flowery language, i.e. the writer applied a rather artsy writing style, whereas the theme of the paper required them to write in more scientifically inclined and plain language. 




The symbolism behind a bull has it that the animal denotes determination, power, and stability. And these must be the markers of the Essaybulls writing service, all blatantly embodied in the plucky red bull that looks as if partaking in bullfighting at the moment. This conspicuous image of courage and confidence can be noticed right on the landing page. Speaking of the landing page, it features the striking abundance of different blocks that briefly inform you about the company’s services – here you have an outline of the main perks you get with Essaybulls; the list of advantages the service guarantees you; some essay samples. In addition, the landing page has quite a modest spectrum of colors that totally go together, forming the unique and catchy aesthetics of the website. 

In terms of usability, the website is quite straightforward and easy to browse. The content is well-organized into sections and blocks. The basic information about the service can be found in the footer, while the header displays the “My account” button and the main website categories. 


The service’s pricing is based on the bidding system. It somewhat resembles an auction, where the participants are supposed to name the price they’re ready to pay for the bid. It’s only that here the writers indicate the price they want to get for their work, which is also called “a bid” here. Then, such customers as me, are expected to choose the writer among the volunteering ones. And this is a tremendously advantageous feature of the service, whereby the customer doesn’t have to rely on the company experts and wait till they assign their protegee. 




Essaybulls offers its customers a pretty convenient money-back guarantee policy. Here, you don’t pay in advance, issuing the payment only after the writer has submitted the complete work to you. There’s no need to elaborate on why this makes the service so credible and popular among prudent and money managing students. In order to send the money to the writer, you need to load it to your account and issue the funds to them. You can refund the whole sum up until you issue it. 


Privacy Policy


The company prioritizes the customer’s privacy and confidentiality. It collects only necessary data, such as user’s full name, their country, ZIP address, e-mail address. Besides, they gather the information about you only if you consent to it. Yes, they do distribute the information to third parties, but only if it’s required for order processing and service delivery. For example, in order to provide you with promotional materials, the marketing staff will need your e-mail, and subcontractors will also need your personal data to perform the contract. 

It’s important to note that the service doesn’t share your personal data with the writer. All the latter gets is the task description and the attached files. Moreover, the system enables the customer and the writer to communicate directly, without support team’s assistance.  Essaybulls team also warns the customer from providing the writer with their login details, name of the educational establishment, as well as discourages them from conducting payment operations via PayPal. 




Considering everything I covered above, there are numerous solid reasons why I would like to strongly recommend the service. To my mind, Essaybulls is one of the most trusted and reliable services amid the hundreds of dubious companies on the web, only striving to rip you off and deliver low-quality products. The guys do value their reputation and name. So, don’t hesitate to give a shot to Essaybulls. 



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