Essential Tips on How to Find the Right Mattress for Your House

Many people might not realize this, but owning a good mattress can actually help you significantly. It can support your whole body without feeling uncomfortable. Your spine alignment will be in a neutral position, which will maintain your proper posture. Mattresses can be healthy for you.

However, there are various mattresses in different classifications to pick. It might overwhelm you when you buy without any basic facts about these mattresses. Remember that the right and wrong mattress can make a huge difference in spending your day comfortably or painfully.

Hence, here are several essential tips on how to find the right mattress for your house.


Know the Types of Mattress

Keep in mind that getting a good night’s sleep is essential. As a result, choosing the best bed available is crucial. But with all of the various options available in the market right now, buying one can be dizzying. An insightful way to sort down your choices is to know the different types of mattresses.



The innerspring mattress is the most popular, even most used type of mattress. It utilizes a coil-based support system, which gives the traditional bouncy feel and sturdy support. However, the innerspring sometimes does not provide pressure relief and lacks motion isolation. 


Memory Foam

In a memory foam mattress, there are no coils at all. Instead, this type is entirely made up of foam. The design of foam offers pressure relief, motion isolation, and contouring the body that the innerspring lacks. Thus, this is very comfortable to lie down and rest on. Memory foam is the most famous foam mattress that you might consider.



A hybrid mattress consists of two elements: good support from innerspring and comfort from foam. With that, it provides both bouncy feels and contouring, which are suitable for people who sleep in any position. Its goal is to give a mix of softness and support.



As the term says, the latex mattress is made up of latex rubber. People sometimes call it all-latex or true-latex. This mattress type gives an excellent bounce than the innerspring, durability that can last longer, and average contouring. Organic and natural latex are available as well for eco-conscious people.



An airbed mattress utilizes an air chamber as the support. You can use an air pump, sometimes built-in, to inflate your mattress according to your desired firmness through a remote or phone. This suits couples since each side has a separate air chamber. Thus, they can both adjust their own bed according to their preference.


Talk With Your Healthcare Provider

If you have any physical condition, especially in the neck and back area, you may ask your doctor or physical therapist for their advice and recommendations about the right mattresses. Usually, they propose mattresses where your neck and back can be in a neutral position while lying for a good spinal alignment.


Doctors are not experts in mattresses. But they can help you by giving you advice according to their profession and your medical history.


Test Out Mattresses Physically

Online selling is dominating the market today. Various shops on the internet have been rising, including those for mattresses. Although the shops provide feedback and ratings for the customers, it would be best to test out mattresses physically. Thus, go to the actual store if possible.


The importance of this task is to ensure your comfort level. First, you need to evaluate the mattress you are about to buy. Then, you can touch or press down or even lie down. Just make sure to take off your footwear when doing this.


Ask Online for Some Recommendations

If you cannot go to the actual store, you may post mattress recommendations on your social media. You can include your particular preferences. From that, your family, friends, or workmates can give you insightful suggestions.


Aside from social media, you can also go on health forums and raise your concerns about mattresses considering your health conditions, if you have any. Professionals or people with the same struggle as yours may respond to it.


Always Read the Reviews

Reviews are your key in getting the right mattress if you cannot go to the store personally. However, be critical in reading those and look for the unbiased one. Look for a review from a real customer who really bought the mattress. Read various reviews, from positive, to negative, and even mixed ones. Weigh them and decide whether to purchase or not.


Verify the Warranty

Before you finally purchase your mattress, always check the warranty first. Make sure you verify this just in case your mattress has some defects. Commonly, quality mattresses will have at least a 10-year total replacement, but it may also be a non-prorated warranty.



The mattress is an essential investment that can bring not only comfort but also healthy body living. By following the tips above, you may end up having the right and most firm mattress for your body and preference.



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