Fleet Management Upgrades That Can Help Save Your Business Money

Thinking of ways that you can elevate your business model without your budget taking a hit that can be tough to recover from can be difficult. Especially in terms of fleet management where there are so many variables and moving parts. Figuring out which moves to make and when to make them can be increasingly difficult if you do not have a frame of reference for available solutions. Anyone can conduct a simple online search but determining the credibility of the companies you find, as well as determining if their products suit your needs requires more diligence. 


Software can be a fleet managers best friend. The right programs can help on everything from scheduling, to inventory control, to vehicle tracking. Bringing an element of visibility into this role means that your managers can operate the business with more control, which translates too to more efficiency. When it comes to equipment tracking, you get more out of your equipment with real-time GPS, and Samara is a leader in the industry offering products that can help you do just that. In addition, they also help keep your equipment connected by providing remote access to diagnostic reports and insight from other automated reports. 

Diagnostics are important and invaluable because in terms of vehicle maintenance, they can detect a small problem before it grows and takes a toll on your budget. This is a huge example of how investing in software can save you money. Finding out your vehicle is slowing leaking oil before it is driven thousands of miles on a dry engine can be the difference of thousands of dollars of repairs.  

Automation is another area where technology can come to your financial rescue. Finding software programs that can automate your administrative tasks can eliminate the need for personnel in that area. Removing a position from your payroll frees up cash to allocate towards other areas of demand, or the profit margins of your business. Freeing your office staff up from having to dedicate time to routine tasks can create time for them to tackle more profitable projects, like client acquisition, for example. 

Fuel Management

One of the largest pieces of your budget is fuel, and managing business expenses when it comes to gas can be difficult since it fluctuates based on the nature of the industry, which is out of you and your team’s control. Using Samsara products can help with this as they can identify which vehicles in your fleet are more fuel efficient than others, which can help you to determine their assignments. Credit cards specifically for fleets are an excellent way to control the uncontrollable with regards to fuel. These accounts have programs already in place regarding fraud protection, authorization controls, and real-time reconciliation, just to name a few. Another reason that putting fuel on credit can help you save money is any type of cash back opportunities your specific card offers. Gas is an area you will always have to spend big in, so it only makes sense to find ways to increase your ROI in a non-negotiable, and large, section of your budget. 



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