How Anfisa Skin’s Lilou Hydra-Balm Makes Your Skin Glow From Inside Out


Despite being the largest organ of the body, the skin is one of the most neglected parts of the body. After all, we reside in it. 

Other than the dry itchy skin condition that occurs when it is exposed outdoors for longer, the skin is ever exposed to harsh environments any time you are out. It means elements like dry weather, hot temperatures, and humidity, to mention but a few.

Recently, I have begun taking great care of my skin. And since that time, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the quality and radiance of my skin. The secret to this amazing transformation has been the Anfisa skin product called the Hydra Balm. Here is my experience with it.

The Lilou Hydra-Balm

Aly Korchemniy, the founder of Anfisa Skin, had a clear vision when starting. She wanted this hydra-balm to be the replacement for the traditional cream moisturizer. That is why the regenerating balm features some of the finest botanicals. You can think of things like moisturizing grape seed oil, antioxidant-rich blueberries, and matcha tea, which is included to restore and recharge your complexion from a cellular level. Together with the moon white jade beauty tool, the hydra-balm has been phenomenal.

Whether it is additives or fillers, the special hydra-balm seeps into the skin to give you an amazing dewy glow. To use it, you only need to massage a small amount of the balm (pea-sized) into your neck, face, and chest. 

Lilou, the signature balm from Anfisa, is created to repair the skin’s barrier. This way, it treats chronic dryness, psoriasis, eczema, acne, and more. Not only is the skin barrier critical in maintaining optimum hydration levels, but it also protects the skin’s outer layer, or the dermis, from elements that can create several issues like inflammation. Now, reactive inflammation is the reason for many problems we face, like skin aging and reactions.

 You can think of the skin’s barrier as the wrap. It forms a protective seal that keeps nutrients and moisture inside the skin. Therefore, using Lilou Hydra-Balm is one of the best ways to support the barrier by using topical ingredients.

 Taking ingestible supplements such as ceramides and Phyto-collagen, and addressing the microbiome of your skin with probiotics and supplemental probiotics, can also support the skin further. As experts state, the composition of the products that make up your barrier repair is of vital importance. The ratio of fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol must be 1:1:1.

 Benefits of Maintaining A Beautiful Skin

 Prevents Premature Aging

 Maintaining your skin health has several benefits to the body. Although it depends on many factors like your budget, skincare goals, your skin’s condition, and how regularly you undergo facial treatments, having a routine skincare regimen is sure to improve the appearance of your skin. 

 The good news is that with Anfisa’s Moon White Jade Face Massage Beauty Tool, taking care of your skin has never been easier. That is because the device takes advantage of crystal massage to boost blood flow to the skin and ensure you are left with a more youthful and glowing skin complexion.

 Increases circulation

 The benefits of body massage are well documented. In the same way, massaging your body brings several advantages to it.

 In the same way, you would massage your back or shoulder, the muscles in your face also require the same tender loving care. Massaging the soft lines found around the eyes, brows, and mouth increases oxygen and blood flow to your face. 

 The best thing is to start upward. Massage your neck and the collagen area, working gently toward the forehead and tending to the pressure points found along the way. Make sure you focus on the fragile skin around the area on the eye circular gentle motions. After you are done having a hot shower, you may want to splash cold water against your skin. This contrast is meant to help you stimulate blood circulation.

 Gives You A Natural Facelift

 Apart from stimulating the muscles in the face, regular face massage also improves the circulation of blood. It means that more oxygen and nutrients will go into the area, which is vital in preventing premature aging. Improved blood flow also increases the production of collagen. In the end, the skin will have a natural thick complexion accompanied by a healthy glow.

 Massage Increases the rate of absorption of Face products into your skin

 One way to make your facial treatment more effective is to massage it into your skin. You will get the best results when you take your time and allow the ingredients to sink in. At night, clean the skin and top it up with a moisturizer. When doing this, make sure you use gentle tapping motions. The end product is that it will make your facial products get absorbed into the skin more easily and better.

 Skin Hydration

 The Lilou Hydra-Balm features some of the best hydrating ingredients with hemp seed oil and essential fatty acids. The balm also contains phytosterols that raise the level of moisture in the product. Also, it makes the skin more hydrated, improves dry skin condition, and reduces water loss by the skin.

 Prevents Inflammation

Another added benefit of using our Lilou Hydra-Balm is that it contains natural inflammatory ingredients containing gazillions of phytosterols, phytonutrients, and polyphenols.

 These compounds have a soothing effect on the skin and minimize instances of redness. They also have helichrysum italics, which repair and neutralize scars, increase the rate of tissue regeneration, and also ensure there will be no future breakouts.


 There are several benefits that come with maintaining proper skin health. Whether you are using the latest Hydra-balm from Anfisa Skin or massaging your face, you stand to benefit in more ways than one.

 When you choose Anfisa’s Lilou Hydra-Balm, you get an opportunity to fix your skin from the inside out and make it glow beautifully. Apart from this, regular skincare also improves blood circulation to your face, acts as a natural facelift, and makes you look infinitely younger. There are many reasons to try it.


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