How to Get a Cheap Phone Number for Your Small Business 

Communication is an essential part of every business. Startups need to find ways to cut costs, and one way they can do that is by cutting communication costs. Phone calls are a prevalent method of communication, but it often has high costs. Using your personal phone number as your business number is not a good idea. 


Therefore, you should get a cheap phone number for your small business. You can get a cheap phone number for your business, which might be free in some cases. 


The following are tips to help you: 

Getting a Virtual Local Phone Number

You will probably be dealing with local customers and suppliers as a small business, even an online one. Therefore, you do not have to invest in phone systems for international calls as a startup. It is better to get a virtual local phone number for your company. A local phone number is a number that contains an area code for a particular city or state. 


Local phone numbers have various benefits. They will help you garner local support, and you can have as many of them as you need. You can manage your contacts and keep your personal number private. The ability to track your company’s phone communication is also crucial for a small business.

Get a VoIP Phone System

You may have to communicate with people and organizations in distant places, even as a small business. Local phone rates will be costly compared to a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone system. VoIP phone systems use the internet for communication, turning calls into voice data packets that are very cheap to send across long distances. 


A VoIP phone system has many benefits despite its affordability. It will allow you to reach anyone anywhere on the planet where there is the internet. It is safe and allows you to create multiple phone numbers for employees. 

Use Google Voice

You probably already use Gmail for email communication. You might not know that you can get a phone number from Google, which is free. Google Voice is an application that allows you to make phone calls and send texts for free. You can use Google Voice on your computer, Apple, or Android device. 


Google Voice has many features, including call forwarding, filtering spam calls, and forward messages to any device. You can also access your Google Voice business number wherever you are. You will get a free local phone number with Google Voice, but it will not be toll-free. 

Free Trials

Getting separate phone numbers for your employees is an excellent way to improve remote communication. Fortunately, some companies offer free trials for their products which can run for 30 to 60 days. The paid versions may be too expensive, or you may want to try out the system first to see if it works for your business. 


Therefore, you should try the free trials of apps you think you may use in the long term. Twelve 30-day free trials amount to a year of cheap or free communication with a second phone number.

Compare Providers

You will find many cheap phone number providers, but not all will suit you. Therefore, you should compare as many phone number providers as possible. You will find those with the cheapest rates, but you will also have to compare the features they offer to get the best deal. 


If you only want a free phone number, you will still have to compare different apps and services. The more providers you evaluate, the better the chances of finding a phone number provider suitable for your small business. 


Every small business wants to cut costs, and getting a cheap phone number will help reduce communication costs. To get a cheap phone number, you should try free trials, Google Voice, a VoIP phone system, a virtual local phone number, and compare as many phone number providers as possible. The key is finding the ways that best suit your company.



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