How to Get Real YouTube Subscribers to Grow Your Channel

The fact that a typical watching session lasts 40 minutes (source: brandwatch) is intriguing. YouTube has a devoted following that is continuously growing. As a result, YouTube should be an integral element of your marketing plan. There are chances on the platform for almost every firm in every area, but you’ll need an audience to get a return on your investment with real and active subscribers or simple buy real YouTube subscribers.

Why Youtube is great for marketing?

You’re losing out on a tremendous chance to reach new audiences and engage existing ones if you’re not already utilizing YouTube as part of your marketing plan. The need for video material is increasing. While social media sites such as Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook have improved their native video functionality, YouTube remains the focus of activity.

  • As a marketer, YouTube can assist you in reaching out to new audiences that are eager to learn from businesses and individuals or businesses just like you.
  • Assist present and future clients and consumers in getting to know you and your staff as individuals rather than a faceless corporation.
  • Continue to engage people even if they aren’t ready to buy from you.
  • To expand your video presence, cultivate an engaged subscriber base.
  • Take up more SERP 


Repurpose content you’ve already developed for other platforms. Of course, video may not have as low an entrance barrier as other media, especially because it requires at least some basic equipment. However, nowadays even a smartphone can do the job.

But it’s because of this that it should be a strong candidate for your attention. Even a modest barrier to entry might deter some companies from putting in the hard work, and if you can do so, you are already ahead of the game.

To convince you more here are some eye-opening stats for you:

  • Every month, 2 billion logged-in people spend time on YouTube (Statista)
  • In the United States, 81 percent of 15- to 25-year-olds utilise YouTube (Statista)
  • Every minute, about 500 hours of video are posted to YouTube (Hootsuite)
  • The relevancy of a video’s content is 3 times more significant to viewers than whether it has renowned actors, and 1.6 times more essential than the aesthetics of the video (Think with Google)
  • Consumers want to see more video content from their favourite brands and businesses, according to 54% of respondents (HubSpot)
  • 88 percent of marketers polled were satisfied with the return on investment provided by video (Animoto)


But as there is such a cut throat competition, what are the ways to gain real people as subscribers to grow? Don’t worry we have got you covered with these methods:


  1. Choose a theme and stick with it

What would you like to be remembered for? This is a topic you should ask yourself when you develop a channel-growth plan, and it all revolves on your potential subscribers.

Your YouTube channel, like any other social site, need its unique identity. This entails deciding where you’ll focus your efforts on the platform.

It’s possible that you wish to be renowned in your field for:

  • Product evaluations in depth
  • Tutorials and how-to instructions
  • News from the industry

Build your plan around it and concentrate your efforts here, and this might be one of the most effective ways to increase your channel’s subscriber base.


  • Put special emphasis on your channel’s trailer

YouTube claims that “To all unsubscribed visitors to your channel, you can show a video teaser. The trailer for your channel is similar to a movie trailer. Use it to give viewers a taste of what your channel has to offer so they’ll want to subscribe and you get real and active subscribers.

This is your chance to convert non-subscribed viewers into subscribers to your channel. So, you’d best make it fun! Another significant benefit of having a trailer is that when a video is being watched in the trailer slot, no advertisements will appear for the duration of the video. Creators should purchase from best sites to buy YouTube subscribers from legit sources.  

Make a trailer that truly stands out and persuades everybody who sees it to subscribe, taking into account:

  • People who have never heard of you or are unfamiliar with your company are the intended audience here.
  • To make an effect, keep it brief and sweet.
  • How to grab viewers’ attention in the initial few seconds

It’s now or never to get those subscriptions!


  • Work with a different YouTube channel

Even if you’ve spent time advertising your channel and have a sizable subscriber base, collaborating with another channel is one of the most effective or free methods to grow.

This entails locating a complementary (but not competitive) business or channel with which to collaborate on projects, with the primary goal of participating in each other’s videos.

This improves both channels in the following ways:

  • Exposing you to someone else’s audience and allowing you to share your specialist knowledge or entertain their audience. It’s an excellent method to get in front of an audience that may not be familiar with you.
  • It might be mutual, with both of you introducing the other to your respective audiences.

Consider how you can provide value to an audience and reach out to initiate a conversation. Everyone wants to increase their subscription base, and if you can do this by working together, everyone benefits as it acts in the same way as you buy YouTube subscribers.


  • Reactions to Comments

Isn’t it straightforward?

However, you’d be surprised at how many comments made on YouTube videos go unanswered. And it’s a chance to gain new subscribers that has been squandered.

If somebody has taken the time to post a comment on your work, they are entitled to a response. Responding to remarks on your videos increases interaction, which might help you get real YouTube subscribers. People are more inclined to post a remark in the first place if they see you taking the time to answer.

YouTube even says it themselves:

“When artists take the time to connect with their devoted fans, it may promote audience involvement and, as a consequence, lead to a fan base that is larger”


  • Become an expert in YouTube SEO.

Increasing the amount of people who watch your videos in the first place is perhaps the greatest and most successful approach to gain new YouTube subscribers at scale.

And this typically implies that you need to make sure that they are prominently shown when a user searches for videos on the same topic as yours. While you may use advertisements to boost the number of views on your videos and subscribers to your YouTube channel, you don’t have to. There are additional strategies to improve your channel’s subscriber count.

One of the benefits of YouTube is that if you focus on making and publicizing high-quality content, you can gain natural organic traction, expand your channel, and boost your subscribers. You can also make it a bilingual YouTube channel or YouTube channel with multiple languages to attract viewers from all around the world who might subscriber. For many firms, this is an untapped potential, and we hope you will take advantage of it!

In case you don’t have the time to execute this practice there are many sites offering the service to increase your subscribers through organic practices like SEO, SMO, distribution to partnered networks, etc., such as or, etc., reflecting many affordable packages according to your needs to buy subscribers.

Do try it out and share your experiences!



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