Importance Of Using Plagiarism Checker For Students

You can do thorough research and make sure to cite everything and still miss some plagiarism in your paper. Even when you feel like your assignment is 100% genuine, the professor can come across parts of your essay that are copied of plagiarized. There’s such a thing as unintentional plagiarism, and many students fall victim to it. 

For this reason, it is wise to always check the originality of your paper when you write an assignment, especially in higher academic levels such as college or university. 

It’s not just about what is a plagiarism checker, really. Here arises the most important question that students ask: are plagiarism checkers safe? Truth is, not all of them are a good choice. Even if they are safe to use, you’ll only be able to detect all the copied content in your paper with a high quality online plagiarism checker. For example, a plagiarism checker can tell you there’s no copied content, only to realize that you chose poorly when your professor uses something more advanced. This is why you need something advanced and of high quality, such as Fixgerald’s scanner.

But, why do you need to check for plagiarism?

You have to study and write endless paper, so this might seem like a waste of time. Many are so confident that their content is original that they don’t check it for plagiarism. 

Well, the professors often do, and if you have something copied in your paper, you’ll be in a lot of trouble. You don’t have to have the intent to cheat in your paper. This can easily happen by mistake.

That being said, here are a few of the benefits of using a plagiarism checker on your papers:

A Chance to Do Some More Editing

When a scanner checks your text against others published online, it will highlight the phrases and lines that are available on the Internet, even if you have cited them. This highlighting will give you the opportunity to once again check where you cited your sources and edit the mistakes you might have done. 

For example, you might have missed a word or two from the source when quoting something, or given a different link for a source. This is your chance to fix it. 

Access to More Resources

You might have found the information in one source, but it actually goes back to another. The books you read might have copied their content from others, so citing them would not be very academic, would it?

The checker will tell you which sources have the same information, and this way, you can learn where the data originally came from. While citing a source where you found the data is not plagiarism, finding the original source makes your paper more accurate. 

Points Out Inaccurate Data

What if you haven’t mistaken anything, but the source you use shares the wrong piece of information? It is up to the student to do their research and find accurate things to include in their paper. By highlighting the quotes and research data, the plagiarism scanner will show you if there are different options for the same thing. 

Tells You What You Need to Paraphrase Better

Paraphrasing is not plagiarism, but only if it’s done right. Students often get into trouble because they didn’t paraphrase their findings as they should have. This is not an easy thing, but a plagiarism checker can help you with it greatly.

The tool will locate plagiarized sentences and point out the parts that you need to paraphrase further – or turn into a quote. You can go half-way, it’s either a paraphrase or a quote!

It Only Takes Seconds!

Even though this sounds as something irrelevant or not necessary to students, it would be a shame not to check your papers because of how long it takes to get it done. An advanced scanner will take seconds up to a few minutes to check your text depending on its length. After all, you just need to copy or upload your content, and you can do what you want while the scanner checks your assignment. It’s as easy as that!

Wrapping Up

Lately, plagiarism has become easier to detect than ever and professors certainly know it. More and more teachers use scanners to check their students’ texts, so you can forget about copying content if you want to get high grades. To avoid such problems, you should run your papers through reliable scanners before you submit them. It is done with minimal effort and in no time – and can save you a lot of headaches. 

Author’s Bio

Karl Bowman is a content editor for an academic writing service in the US. He’s an amazing writer with impeccable attention to detail, and now he works in the quality team department of his company. In his spare time, Karl creates custom content for different blogs and websites.


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