Is it legal to gamble online with real money?

One of the greatest misconceptions about gambling in the past decades was that gambling is an unethical way to gain wealth. However, the rapid growth of online casinos shattered this myth and made way for a lot of new punters. Stay lucky casino online, and other reputed casinos play a significant role in building players’ trust. Nevertheless, many punters are still confused about the legality of gambling and the rules related to gambling with real money. If you also belong to that group, don’t worry, we have got answers to your queries.


Keep reading to know the legal restrictions on gambling.


What is Legal Gambling?


History says that gambling was a popular game in Europe since BC 500; still, several European countries impose restrictions on gambling. If we look at the reasons behind these restrictions, the most prominent will be the growth of gambling as a business. The laws and regulations keep a check on the lawful and ethical operation of gambling sites. The regulatory bodies are also responsible for ensuring that players are fairly treated and that their identity and money are safe with casinos. The emergence of online gambling made the regulations more complex as money transactions started happening online.


If we take a closer look at the regulations on casinos and gambling sites, they are different for different casinos. How is that possible?


Let’s explain!


Since the emergence of casinos, every country has had its own rules and regulations regarding online gambling. Some countries strictly banned gambling, while some impose licenses on casinos to ensure smooth functioning. Some countries like Switzerland and Poland give permissions for land casinos and restrict online gambling.


So, casinos functioning in a country that permits gambling and has a license from the regulatory body are the legal casinos. And gambling from casinos that have a legit license is entirely legal; make sure you learn about casinos’ policies before gambling.


European Countries where online gambling is Legal


  • Austria: Online gambling is under the monopoly of the Lottery agency.


  • Belgium: Category A+ and B+license for online casinos; land casinos also have permission to start online games.


  • Denmark: All types of online casino games require a license.


  • Estonia: All gambling activities are under the regulation of the Gambling Act of the Country.


  • France: Any online casino game other than poker is illegal.


  • Hungary: Gambling is under the supervision of The Gambling Supervision and Ministry of National Economy.


  • Italy:  AAMS( Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies) regulates gambling activities.


  • Latvia: All types of gambling are under the Lotteries and Gambling Supervision Inspection of Latvia.


  • Lithuania: online gambling is strictly regulated.


  • Netherlands: Online gambling will be legal from September 2021.


  • Portugal: License issued by the government for online casinos.


  • Serbia: Online casinos have to get a license from the national government for legal functioning.


  • The UK: Casinos require a license to start online gambling.


Gamble Legally!


The only ethical way of gambling is legal gambling from casinos with legit licenses and fair rules. Illegal gambling can end you in jail, and the risk of losing money is also high in gambling from fake casinos.


So make sure you are gambling from a safe place.





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