Judy Rae

Letters to the Editor 8-31-17

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Don’t park bikes

Dear ER:

When the Manhattan Beach School Board says that Polliwog Park is “their” property, that’s not exactly true (“Bikepath approved through Polliwog Park,” ER Aug. 17, 2017). It was purchased using city taxpayer money, so it belongs to the taxpayers. We taxpayers pay over a $1 million per year for the use of the park. Therefore the MBUSD shouldn’t be allowed to dictate the proposed unsafe/pointless bike path to nowhere.

Furthermore, City Council Members Amy Howorth and Nancy Hersman should abstain from voting on this issue because they served on the school board and can’t be expected to be impartial and unbiased.  

Julie Profet,

Manhattan Beach

Cyber voices

Dear ER:

Recently, at a Redondo Beach City Council meeting, Deputy City Attorney Cheryl Park made this statement after appearing to receive a text message. “I think it’s incumbent on me to point out the city attorney’s office is defending the measure C litigation, pursuant to the city council direction.”

This was after speakers read a recent legal ruling from a judge that stated, “Proposed Interveners have demonstrated they have the right to intervene, and that their interests in defending Measure C are not adequately protected by the city.”

Based Park’s comments it appears Redondo Beach City councilmembers Laura Emdee, Christian Horvath and John Gran have made a decision to not aggressively defend Measure C. If so, shouldn’t Park advise these elected officials to defend the residents, not developers?

Wayne Craig

Redondo Beach

Driver’s ed 2017

Dear ER:

Thanks to Jim Halloran for his timely and thoughtful observations on driver safety (“Driving 101,” Letters Aug 24, 2017).  Let me add one more example. I drive pretty fast on L.A. freeways, yet I constantly have cars riding right up to my rear bumper, going 90 mph, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the city. Simple math tells you that you can save maybe 5-10 minutes of a half hour drive going fast. Is it really worth all the madness? Unfortunately, many younger drivers receive their education through videos like Grand Theft Auto. Please, let’s all try to drive in the real world!

Brian Hittelman

Redondo Beach

Wall by the sea

Dear ER:

Lara Duke is a perfect example of the rampant NIMBYism that has built the cultural “Wall By The Sea” in Redondo (“Plan of a lifetime,” ER Letters Aug. 24, 2017). She suggests that only the residential component of the much needed revitalization of the South Bay Galleria would generate horrendous traffic. As if anything else would not generate visitors, patrons, employees and hence traffic. I read from her letter as saying, “I can live here and you can’t!”

Paul Moses

Redondo Beach

Petty departure lamented

Dear ER:

Thank you Carolyn Petty for your service to Hermosa Beach (“City council field set,” ER Aug. 24, 2017). We will miss your presence on the city council council. Hopefully, the future Council will be more balanced.

Amy Jones Riddle

Hermosa Beach

TP escalation

Dear ER:

On Monday Aug. 21, our home was toilet papered by a group of teens. This wasn’t the first time but the toilet papering materials have escalated. The kids are using food products in addition to non biodegradable stuff. Post-its were put all over one of our cars and home. Food thrown on our roof and solar panels. I caught them mid act and no one was familiar to me. The Manhattan police said they have been doing this all week to random properties. This behavior is not okay.

March Levin

Manhattan Beach



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