Live Wire scores second Battle of the Bands victory, in Manhattan Beach

Scream Revolution's singer Emma Powell-Wyse and drummer Logan Smith. Photo

Live Wire takes its name from a Motley Crew song. Photo

Live Wire, a recently formed, South Bay band that takes its name from a Motley Crew song, won its second Battle of the Bands in as many months on Saturday, when it placed first in a competition to perform at the upcoming Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair.

Last month, Live Wire won the Redondo Beach B2 Insurance Battle of the Bands, sponsored by the Redondo Police Department. Band members are singer Bryce Kelley, dueling guitarists Julian Bailey and Austin Bourdages and drummer Dax Corcoran. They will compete at the fair on Sunday, October 6 with the five other bands who also advanced from last Saturday’s competition.

The other bands are: 

No Signal, which performed Pennywise’s “Bro Hymn” for the judges, as well as an original punk songs. Band members are guitarist Matty Hahn, bassist James Boff and drumer Kiave Miyasoto.

Green Tomorrow, a Green Day cover band featuring the dynamic siblings Austin and Addie Thomason and drummer Michael Longo.

Totally Mental, a three member, three year-old band whose cover of the Kink’s “You Really Got Me Going,” energized the room. Band members are drummer Ryan Deack, singer/lead guitarist Austin Bourdages and bass player and singer Aava Velasco.

Good Vibe, a cover band that performs frequently in local clubs and recently at the Manhattan Beach Concerts in the Park. Band members are singer/guitarist Austin Mosley, singer/keyboard player Brooke Blake, bassist Slater Heidrich, Drummer Evan Bailey and guitarist Elijah Blanchard.

The Illusions, with vocalist in Siena Frederick, bass players Emma Pearlman, and Katie Kodama, and drummers and keyboard players Anthony Ganis and Ty Mellinger

Chrome Haze, a high energy, Hendrix inspired band, also qualified, but won’t compete in the Hometown Fair Battle of the Bands because it was  already booked to play at the Hometown Fair. Its members are singer/bassist Cori Wilson, guitarists Sean Michael Howe, and Gio Conversano and drummer Ethan Makausakas.

Judging was based on musicianship, originality and stage presence. The judges were former Guttermouth drummer Ryan Farrell, Hometown Fair stage manager Diane Charvat, former Grateful Dead promoter Jeff Middlemiss, Easy Reader publisher Kevin Cody and former band member Larry Zimbalist.

The differences in scores between bands that made the cut and those that didn’t were very close, coordinator and emcee Mark Lipps said.

Other bands that competed were:

Screaming Revolution, whose Nirvana cover was arguably the day’s best cover performance and whose original song “Baby Girl” was arguably the best original song. The band members are vocalist Emma Powell-Wyse, keyboard player Audrey Bullinger, bassist Naomi More, guitarist Skylar Klett and drummer Logan Smith. 

Behind Schedule, five incoming Redondo High freshmen who nailed their Pink Floyd cover.

Band members are violinist Zerik Griffin, saxophonist Elijah Hughes, vocalist and bass, drummer Jadon Bailey, guitarist Jacob Dick, and keyboard player Jacob Grief. 

Minor Problem, which performed classic rock, and grunge, including original songs. Band members are singer Emma Canty, drummer Jacob Less, keyboard player Brady Gin, bassist Max Hendrickson and guitarist John Forbes. ER



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